2019 Golden Egg Event feedback thread

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Re: 2019 Golden Egg Event feedback thread

Post by Cherek » 23 Apr 2019 19:00

In total there were 161 people who received an egg, and 63 who solved at least one riddle, and compared to the average number of event participants, those are quite good numbers. But regardless of when we start an event there will be people who can't participate, that's just the nature of things, and I created a poll for this exact reason, to make sure as many as possible could participate. Starting it on Friday won by a pretty large majority, so I went with that. Running it the weekend after Easter was not a poll option, true, and nobody suggested it either (I could have added the option had it been suggested). However, it was nothing we really talked about in the AoE team either since then Easter is kind of over and forgotten, so not a great thematic fit? It's something to consider for next time though, still, a lot of people wanted it to start on Friday, most likely because they had school/work off for a couple of extra days and MORE time to spend on Genesis. So, had we run it after Easter I bet I would be replying to people asking why we did not run it during Easter when THEY had more time.:) It's one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't situations I think.

TripleM: As for the length of the event, almost all previous events have had a set length, we wanted to try something new this time. We did not know if it was going to last hours or weeks. I was hoping for about a week, since I thought the riddles was quite hard and that people would be more reluctant to work together due to the loss in QXP rewards. Turns out I was wrong, the riddles were not so hard, and people did work together quite a lot. But, this was all announced before of course. It was a race event, and if you could not join from the start you would be at a disadvantage. which I think everyone understood from the start. Good or bad? Well, some liked it, some didn't, but if anything it has given us valuable knowledge for future events. But I understand your arguments as well, and they are all valid points and something for us to consider for next time.

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