Musing changes to guild recruitment restrictions

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Re: Musing changes to guild recruitment restrictions

Post by Morglum » 03 May 2020 00:41

One thing that everyone seems to be overlooking is that the pace of the game has changed a lot over the years. People grow to rising hero/hero level in days now (remember when elite guilds would recruit you when you were a veteran in the olden days, which is equivalent to the new GA?) whereas before it took weeks if not months.

It doesn't help the goodie guilds that all of them (Knights, Calians and Rangers) have far more restrictive vetting process than DAs, AA etc. with potential recruits having to get into the apprentice part of the guild first (Squire/Follower/Pupil) and go through potentially weeks of Cadet-level skills while doing various tasks that are not "go kill and grow".

Personally I think that those tasks and this process is beneficial in the long term but it does create a vast disparity between the guilds. It sure as hell can be disheartening if say you become a Ranger Pupil at GA and your friend (also GA) joins xDA and two weeks later you're maybe a veteran and still a pupil and your friend is a hero and DA officer with their own dragon and all the bells and whistles.

Edit: I remember even in the past we used to make fun of a friend who decided to become a Ranger. He was 2 mortal levels behind, a walking joke and pushover of the team for weeks.

Edit2: Later he outgrew us all and didn't want to team with us because we were too noob. But that just reflects the point I made earlier about this process paying dividends in the long run (it just doesn't sit well with current trend of instant gratification). Out of all the goodie guilds Calians have the easiest time because everyone appreciates a bazooka on their back that can move out of harms way while Pupils and Squires are virtually useless and more often than not more of a liability than an asset to the team.

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