Faerun - Leia's Thread

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Faerun - Leia's Thread

Post by Leia » 14 May 2010 19:30

Hi All,

So I don't want to make any by-Christmas promises here. I'm not going to even lay out any specific plans or promise that anything you suggest will get worked on. However, I am wanting to start taking a look into Faerun again over the summer, seeing if I can't spruce things up a bit, etc.

So, while I do have my own project to finish up, I'd like to hear some things that you, the mortals, might be interested in seeing in Faerun. How would you like to see it progress, what types of things would you like to see modified, any Faerun lore that you would like addressed more thoroughly?

Again, I have no clue how much or how little time I will have, I make no promises about any specific item or items being addressed. This is purely a "throw it out there and get some nibbles" fishing expedition on my part.


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Re: Faerun - Leia's Thread

Post by Leia » 14 May 2010 19:32

P.S. Gorboth, Petros, Tapkah, Cotillion... Feel free to move this to suggestions, if you think it is better suited there.

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Re: Faerun - Leia's Thread

Post by petros » 14 May 2010 20:56

More Faerun!!!


Re: Faerun - Leia's Thread

Post by Ilrahil » 14 May 2010 21:00

Ok so a tentative list.

-Fix the quest from the old citadel that was severely bugged.
-Develop something like Waterdeep, Calimport, Silverymoon, or even Mithril Hall.
-The Underdark needs work. How can there be an underdark but no prominent Drow City such as Ched Nesad and/or Menzoberranzan
-On top of this perhaps there could be priestesses. Drow priestesses in the favor of Lolth are supposed to be extremely powerful. If House Banrae or another
prominent one would be added some interesting magical concepts could be involved.
-Powerful snake-whips or tentacle rodss
-Wands of invisibility or healing potions
-Addendum though: These items would be powerful but the prietesses should be just as powerful using Lolth given strength, healing themselves, and other
spells as well as typical combat procedures as they were proficient in all.
-The underdark should be a very dangerous place. There should be wandering NPC's, there should be NPC's that can create globes of darkness that can only
be penetrated by magical light and it should be dangerous to be in.
-Where are any of the big players. In krynn you have Verminaard, Fael-thas, Ariakas, Kitiara, many of the important things in DL lore and the same holds true with
Middle Earth.
-Why not add Drizzt and his enchanted blades, Wulfgar with Aegis-Fang, Cattie-Brie with Taulmauril or Khazid'hea, Artemis Entreri or even Jarlaxle.
-These NPC's should be incredibly hard if not impossible solo but the rewards should be good.
-Make the Drow guild worth joining. At the moment all there is are a handful of emotions, a weak title system, and messengers that can be bought at a store that are
way out of the way.
-Have a laymen guild there in some form of Bregan De'Arthe that would be a ranger/scouting laymen guild that specializes in tracking, herbalism, sneaking about, location
sense etc.

Just a few things to keep ideas flowing.

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Re: Faerun - Leia's Thread

Post by Yanus » 15 May 2010 00:54

Lest we forget about bug that forbids examining (and attacking) Faerun npcs by long description.

P.S. The same applies to eunuchs in Gont. But let's begin with Faerun npcs. :)

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Re: Faerun - Leia's Thread

Post by Rhynox » 15 May 2010 03:16

Just wanted to leave my written support here!

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Re: Faerun - Leia's Thread

Post by Avatar » 15 May 2010 10:46

My wife coded a bunch of magical weapons, NPC's with nasty abilities and a bunch of other things, when Faerun was founded.

Are those things not available for you to implement, Leia?
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Re: Faerun - Leia's Thread

Post by Ilrahil » 15 May 2010 21:09

Also change the combat descriptions so that they aren't direct copy and pastes of the Middle Earth orc npc's. I found that was very pathetic.

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Re: Faerun - Leia's Thread

Post by OgreToyBoy » 15 May 2010 21:39

Ilrahil, you seem to spew out your ideas with a lot of anger.
Be happy there is a wizard who is asking for ideas on what to work with.

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Re: Faerun - Leia's Thread

Post by Tharandil » 15 May 2010 21:42

yay! more faerun :)
a bit short of ideas tho

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