Weapons & armours transparency

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Weapons & armours transparency

Post by Rincon » 17 Feb 2020 15:59

Similar to Tarlok's idea, I think it would be nice if players could get some in-game information on how do weapons and armours actually work.

Right now we can see that eg.
The axe can be wielded in the right hand. It can be used to slash.
But how does slashing damage actually work? Is it better against foes armoured in platemail/chain mail/splint mail, etc.?

My guess is that bludgeoning weapons are better against undead (at least this applies to undead in Palanthas). What about other weapons?

Some weapons deal different types of damage. Do armours in genesis offer better protection against different types of damage? If so, can we get some in-game information? If not, why do weapons deal different type of damage? Is it just a cosmetic discription and does not have any meaning combat wise?

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Re: Weapons & armours transparency

Post by Vyasa » 17 Feb 2020 19:15

Please keep these ideas coming. I'm taking notes to discuss within the wiz community afterwards.

This all is not falling on deaf ears. They are good and valid ideas that I strongly believe would help the game.
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Re: Weapons & armours transparency

Post by Anfalas » 17 Feb 2020 19:21

We do have the compare <item 1> with <item2> for trying to determine whether an item is better than another. Perhaps expanding on that system might be easier?

There are a lot of challenges with the current compare system and it could definitely be retooled quite a bit.

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Re: Weapons & armours transparency

Post by Okotok » 17 Feb 2020 20:07

What if we added a quantitative (numerical) measure of a weapons damage/hitroll? That could make things a lot easier and a lot more exciting, mostly because random weapons we pick up or loot have an actual tangible worth and damage. Another thing that's been mentioned in these "transparency" threads is that some older, bigger players have all the inside intel on how all the best weapons work. If this is implemented, anyone could find a worthwhile weapon, not just a select few of people.
Games like Diablo III do this particularly well:
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Re: Weapons & armours transparency

Post by Cherek » 18 Feb 2020 05:13

I am not going to be the Keeper that goes down in history as the one who brought numbers to Genesis! :) Other than that, I agree we could be a little more informative about many things. However, I do think there is a charm to player-created lists based on their own tests, passed-down knowledge, and guild literature as well. I find most older players are happy to share what they know about weapons and armours as well, so, it does gives you reason to socialize a little too. I don't think only a select few people have good EQ, or know what good EQ is. Looks to me like new players pick that up fairly quick?

I do agree that we could become better at explaining HOW damage works though, which different kinds of damage there is, hit locations, and things like that.

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