Equipment Hoarding

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On the topic of equipment hoarding ...

Certain guilds nearly always hoard weapons they do not use to prevent them from being in the hands of those that would benefit from them, and it is a very serious flaw in the current design.
Equipment hoarding does happen occasionally, but the average player will only be moderately impacted making it not a huge problem.
Equipment hoarding is overstated, and is not actually a problem at all.
Total votes: 50

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Equipment Hoarding

Post by gorboth » 13 Jun 2013 18:08

With limits on the number of copies of certain desirable items in the realms, please consider how you experience the design of things, and make a vote on the topic.

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Re: Equipment Hoarding

Post by Draugor » 13 Jun 2013 18:30

Draugor wrote:
gorboth wrote:With limits on the number of copies of certain desirable items in the realms, please consider how you experience the design of things, and make a vote on the topic.


The main problem imo is that alot of guilds hoard ALOT of everything, WAY more than they need wich fucks shit up
There is for instance no need to have 5 non-saving runies or 3 non-saving broadswords in a guild with 1-2 active members, not when people do the recyclespam at the end of arma, thats one of the major reasons people gather more than they need.

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Re: Equipment Hoarding

Post by OgreToyBoy » 13 Jun 2013 19:01

Well, if a guild have all swords of a certain type and they use swords I can't find anything wrong with it.
Problem is when a guild gather everything of the best quality because they can, having said items rot
in the racks as none in the guild use it. But I assume you can claim it to be great roleplay.


Re: Equipment Hoarding

Post by Laurel » 13 Jun 2013 20:00

1. it's not guilds, it's players - sometimes just more than one player of same mentality is active in the same guild

2. I suggested ages ago to have timers on usage vs "rotting in racks" on limited items and when timer expires - dust/disappear

3. people are spoiled - saving decent weapons (katana, pike, maul, SoH, etc.) are sometimes on AH for days for few plats only

4. who cares for eq anyway ...

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Re: Equipment Hoarding

Post by Targun » 13 Jun 2013 20:20

I shall repostulate.

With the distribution of the items being fairly equal throughout the uptime, limiting the number of copies of a particular weapon/armor is not necessarily a splendid idea. It's perfectly satisfactory to set droprates for a specific item based on the number of potential item holders, respawn rate, quality of the item and strength of the mob wielding it.

If someone spends 6 hours during the Armageddon trying to pry- lets say- a runed falchion, he or she, should be presented with a fairly good chance of acquiring one.

At this moment, regardless of the effort, if the limit for the specific item has already been reached, such a player may spend dozens of hours and not be rewarded in any meaningful way. It's both disheartening and frustrating, and at the same time a questionable concept.

This being said- top notch items should be much harder to obtain in terms of challenge the fight poses, and it should not be possible to conquer them by however strong individual on his or her own (without teaming).

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Re: Equipment Hoarding

Post by Rincon » 13 Jun 2013 20:50

There should be another option in the voting to choose from. Some guilds do hoard eq and it is not a serious flaw in the system, but a means of strategy to beat your enemy.

What if two guilds are at war, let's say Niedars (wink G.) vs. RDA and RDA decides to hoard axes and clubs or Niedars hoard serrated obsidian halberds and other polearms? For me it's tactics. Sure I'd be pissed off by having nothing decent to hit my enemies on the head with, but hey, tough luck.

If I was to find a serrated obsidian halberd I'd store it safely in my guild racks for the RDA never to see.

So why not leave this topic alone and focus on changing racial stat distribution? :) As the poll showed, the majority of those who voted would like to see a change of the race stat modifiers. ... 1&start=60

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Re: Equipment Hoarding

Post by Chanele » 13 Jun 2013 21:06

Guess how many hoarders voted so far?

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Re: Equipment Hoarding

Post by Zingil » 13 Jun 2013 21:55

I'd like to see a fourth option. 'Certain guilds end up hoarding weapons, not necessarily out of spite, but this still impacts other players negatively'. Guilds with active members who actively work on improving their guilds armoury will often end up collecting far more items than the guild needs, not because they want to spite people, but because they want to help their friends in the guild. With the limit on magical items this does hurt players in smaller guilds and in guilds with less communal armouries.

But this has been discussed before and my personal opinion is that it would be better to remove the limits and replace it with straight percentage chances of the monster appearing with the magical item or not. Below is a copy-paste of what I've said in a previous thread:

'...This storing of items will of course cause problems for those wishing to keep a strict limit on the number of certain magical items but I do not really care. In my opinion the 'limit' system is deeply flawed and causes a lot more problems than it solves and should as soon as possible be replaced with a straight percentage system of the likelihood of an NPC spawning with a certain item. This would sort the problem of items spawning more frequently certain days than others, hoarders couldnt ruin the chance of people finding the items they sought, items gathering dust in armouries would no longer prevent more of them from being cloned anew and so on. Back when I started playing Genesis, Gorgun always carried a leech, Gashnak always had an excellent halberd, Goliath always had a bloody steel axe and so on, and somehow most people managed to have fun. Armageddon every six hours was less fun though...'

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Re: Equipment Hoarding

Post by Arcon » 13 Jun 2013 22:30

One way of solving everything is having arma after 28 hours and no saving racks. More rotation among the equipment. Eq-raids will be more important and people will have less time grinding/growing. *cheer*

Swing the nerfbat at all the top eq! Make people use cleavers, GWT and kestrel-marked longswords again!
*shouts* "Draconian Claymore for the win!"

Make it special to use the super weapons/armours, not like today that is a bad day if you can't use the best items.

Zingil, back then people had a lot more problems killing those NPCs solo. GL was a lot deadlier(give him bleeding wounds back!) and people were smaller. Remember that you reach old champ as veteran or small expert.

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Re: Equipment Hoarding

Post by Kas » 14 Jun 2013 09:08

Farming x may also be a part of a trade agreement between guilds. Give x to get y and so forth. Sucks for you that someone "stole YOUR" gameitem, but that's just tough luck. Also, a viable tactic. I don't mind grinding with crap found in our cellar if the racks are void of any useful stuff, so I'm sure others can survive a day without their uber item of choice aswell? or have we fallen so low and spoiled that we can't do without?

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