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Post by Kvator » 29 Aug 2018 02:01


Anyone ever lost qarraba (and all stored herbs) due to some kind of technical reasons (I doubt that anyone could stole it from kender wearing it)? Didn't got anything (qarraba nor herbs) restored after login (I don't log sessions, so can't provide log from quitting).

It's like second time it happened to my char (other victim was Ranger - also quite high awareness that should prevent any thievery).



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Re: qarraba

Post by Dhez » 29 Aug 2018 12:59

Qarrabas get really buggy if they have too many herbs, resulting in a massive loss. It has happened before.
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gold bezie
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Re: qarraba

Post by gold bezie » 29 Aug 2018 17:51

good to know about the qarraba...

I had it recently when i logged in, that i missed my qarraba with herbs, wisemanpin and some other things that just could not have been stolen.
It might had gotten something to do with me logging in and out too quickly that would cause the bug, at least that was what ive been told.
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Re: qarraba

Post by Raelle » 29 Aug 2018 18:35

gold bezie wrote:It might had gotten something to do with me logging in and out too quickly that would cause the bug
yeah--this one happens when you log in and then quit while your items are still loading ("You recover your....")

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