time to evaluate the perma-everything change?

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What should be done about the current state of affairs, in which everything saves until it breaks?

Keep it just as it is - perfect.
Go back to the way things used to be.
Find some kind of middle ground.
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Re: time to evaluate the perma-everything change?

Post by TripleM » 11 Dec 2018 14:36

I guess people who grind these days, do not complain about the change. I do think that perma-gear in combination with imbuements, causes that people run around buffed up infinitely. This is nice of course but also causes that we run out of stuff to kill. We will be chanting for more grind-areas for big myths etc..

I am probably gonna take some heat but..... if a change has to be made, I would point at the imbuement system.
Putting an imbue on a good item that doesnt dull or isnt likely to break, was the wise strategy before the change. I would suggest the decaying of imbuements from intense->pronounced->faint->none, for instance based on Armageddon or number of Armageddons, would still hold some merit over the old situation while people cant run around with super-buffed-up gear forever like in current situation.
If we were to discuss just the gear that doesnt dull/break, I would argue that if they were to dull/break some special items basicly lose most of their use. If a change had to be made there I would take that they'd only last 2 armageddons and vanish over losing their quality.

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Re: time to evaluate the perma-everything change?

Post by Johnny » 11 Dec 2018 18:31

Why not make non-dulling/breaking items not imbuable?

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