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charity boxes

Posted: 16 Apr 2019 18:12
by sylphan
I've been tempted a few times to put some items in the charity boxes and then paused. I remember hearing people complain that they saw items that are too good being donated to little ones (especially since perma-gear as come and changed our game in so many ways). I wonder what you all think. Is there some general principle we can agree to about what's an acceptable level of awesomeness to donate to the newbies?

Re: charity boxes

Posted: 17 Apr 2019 05:53
by Sibbedidenn
Still pretty new but... haters gonna hate. I vote whatever you want to give. Give freely!

Re: charity boxes

Posted: 17 Apr 2019 17:11
by Lionel
I think perma-gear is exactly the reason to care way less about quality of donations being too good. Stuff is just worth less nowaday because everything saves forever or until it breaks. Especially with weapons - either it's (close to) best in class damage wise or nondulling or it's pretty much garbage. I don't see a problem with donating anything that usually sells on AH in 20-75p range (if it sells at all), that would be probably considered way too good before changes.