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Why do people hate racks?

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 13:48
by Rhaegar
I really don't get it.
I've already found like 3-4 stashes in most awkward places (I really don't know why would anyone want to suffer the inconvenience of traveling such distances to hide their stuff). Do people really treasure their eq so much? The worst thing about it, is that what I found in the stashes was rather mediocre and easy to get for the most part.

Re: Why do people hate racks?

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 14:21
by Mersereau
People don't hate racks, they hate not being able to find decent gear.

Re: Why do people hate racks?

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 14:21
by Alorrana

Re: Why do people hate racks?

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 14:57
by Makfly
Every guild layman / OCC just needs to be updated with racks that has all the best function, that can prevent all this stuff.
Giving every guid decent racks have been suggested by myself and many others over the years, and I still don't get whyt it hasn't been done...
Just code 1 decent rack and copy-paste the code out to the individual guildmasters, who can then modify the look/commands to suit the individual guilds.
I thought the wizards were all about coding to a global library these days, and this seem like an obvious thing to do.

Personally I know I won't leave anything in my current OCC guild, because I tried it at first, and it just got stolen. Same experience in previous guilds too, so it's better to use some inconvenient place as a stash, than not have any gear upon log-in at all. :)

Re: Why do people hate racks?

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 15:09
by fulgrim
I don't hate racks. I like them. I grab items from the racks in mercs but I always put them back unless they break from use, I also put all nice items that I find and even buy from the auction tent in the racks.
I've noticed that the really nice stuff that I put in there sometimes go missing, but I've also discovered that it is mostly because it breaks.
I've taken items and put them in other racks inside the mercs but it has always been due to unforeseen shifts in alignment.
I have found stashes of equipment as well. I think its mostly because some players are selfish and greedy. That's ok tho-- most people are selfish and greedy to some extent... Selfish, as in, they just don't like to share stuff with other players. Greedy as in, they don't want to give stuff away even if they don't need it. In the real world this kind of behavior is what creates rich people... ;)
I don't really care about the stashes, but the hoarding that some guilds do is a little irritating. Somebody said it before... Why have for example three items x that you don't use, and won't be used, ever?
See above, perhaps. I would urge those players to put the stuff on the auctions instead.

Re: Why do people hate racks?

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 15:40
by Laurel
as glad Laurel had to start each day from getting a huge waraxe, then a cleaver+half-moon, then possibly a scale and ... go grind or pvp ... those were the days with scales on Serion/Kernan/Tyberus being quite often, exp not as hard to get from smaller foes and combat not so much depandant on ac

then as merc Laurel had to rely either on own stashes or lay drop rooms ... mercs sucked if your cause (Treo where are you?!?!? I want you baaaaack!) didn't hoard eq for you

none of my stashes was ever looted anyway and I had them in various places - sometimes in places where people visited quite often 8-)

then Laurel got into guilds with good racks and ... became an eq-grinding whore, loading Calian racks with heaps of items which noone used anyway :roll:

summary - I feel for those, whose efforts in eq-runs are ruined by buttholes and idiots (Spielverderber in general) and understand their need for a private stash
on the other hand - Laurel will loot any stash she finds ... learn to hide them better! :lol:

Re: Why do people hate racks?

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 17:27
by Ilrahil
Aye as a mercenary back in the day I always kept a private stash. With some other chars I've used laymen racks primarily but if I use laymen racks I typically will refrain from using gear from my OCC guild rack as I feel it is a bit unfair....

But Raergar if you get a subpar sword like a blackened bastardsword and put it in merc racks... it will more than likely be gone the next day.

Re: Why do people hate racks?

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 17:54
by Rhynox
Of course, it depends on how tight the relationship between the members is. The Clan shares equipment, and there is no special chest for the elders or Thane (Overseers at the Gladiator guild would often drop their best pieces in their own room instead of the guild chest). We don't have logs (wizard never wanted to implement that for us), so we have a simple rule: if you lose it, you inform about it. So if you break something, bring it back to account for the lost piece, if you drop or quit with something, post a note in the board. However, when we suspect someone is looting the racks, we start paying close attention to who is around and at which times (which is why Logg and I spend a lot of time idling in the guild) and then exile the one who we suspect has been stealing from us.

I would expect a similar behaviour with Knights, Calians, the armies, priesthood and any other guild where members are part of an association sharing ideas. In guilds where everyone runs his own way (gladiators, mercenaries, etc) you can't really expect everyone will behave.

I remember when one the wizards published the chest log, there was a dude who had taken almost 200 pieces of equipment from the chest and never returned anything. Such log in some guilds could bring a few surprises.

Re: Why do people hate racks?

Posted: 08 Jun 2010 19:50
by Rhaegar
In Dragonarmies, when one person is looting the racks, all get banned from rack usage by the General until the investigation is over.
Simple and effective, because when you're stealing from the racks, you're not only facing the punishment of being expelled from the guild etc. but also the wrath of your frustrated brothers and sisters in arms.

Re: Why do people hate racks?

Posted: 13 Jun 2010 10:13
by Knuffel
So reading the last two messages, actually a "half broken" rack system do add seriously to the role play experience in quite a few guilds, and should maybe not be fixed by adding all the ubur features and lists mentioned here and in the other threads.