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A New Section Appears!

Posted: 19 Oct 2010 10:32
by gorboth
Hmmm? What is this? Keeper's Korner?


There I was, sitting in the corner of the wizard's lounge, happily doing my Sudoku puzzle of the day, when in walks Armageddon with that sneer on his face that I've come to know all too well.

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Armageddon sneers: Enjoying ourselves, are we?
Gorboth stammers: Err ... hmm?
Armageddon slaps Gorboth!
Gorboth coughs noisily, dropping the Sudoku puzzle!
Armageddon closes his eyes in concentration.
The Sudoku puzzle bursts into flame and is gone!
Gorboth wails in agony!
Gorboth moans: What?! Why?
Armageddon berates: You sorry excuse for a Keeper! Get out there and tell everyone what is going on!
Gorboth pouts: What? They know what's going on! They are fine ... aren't they?
Armageddon points to the daily login tally.
Gorboth whistles innocently.
Armageddon slaps Gorboth!
Gorboth whines: Okay! Okay! I'm going I'm going!
And thus ... we have a new forum category!

Awakened from my reverie, I am now determined to renew my active and vigilant energy, communication, and community-building activities via this forum. Be aware that any posts to ANY topics in this section of the forum will need to contain positive energy only. Constructive posts that offer critique are probably fine in most cases, but if you are determined to be a swine about the way you communicate, your post will be delivered straight to Armageddon himself, who is quite hungry for his vittles (and he loves nothing more than sautee'd nonsense for breakfast!)