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Pre-Promotion News 
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My wife is pro in i-net marketing. Send me brief, and she will make budget for media and context. Also, other friend of mine is pro in web-design. I can get kinda discount and all other.

21 May 2011 14:02

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Gorboth - I've been reading your notes on "Pre-Promotion".

Isn't it possible that you are over-estimating the effects of promoting Genesis?
This would probably have to be done via the cloud, and in affordable places where people who play MUD or other similar games come. A facebook ad is probably (?) too expensive (not sure how that works though).

I have a hard time imagining an exodus-type influx of new players to Genesis. The web-based is almost good enough to take a first look at the game and decide if you like it or not. A large percentage of those who are attracted by an internet ad will probably drop out and never come back after a few minutes. Those who remain will probably want to DL a mud client, since the web client can't - and will probably never will - compete with a standalone mud-client. So no real need to waste too much work on that thing, I believe.
What I'm hinting at is the fact that Genesis won't be as "user friendly" (whatever that may mean) as the more contemporary free internet games out there, no matter how much work you put into it... You've already done a great job improving the newbie friendliness, but a MUD is a MUD, right?
Heck - even back in the nineties when I started playing, a lot of my gamer friends scoffed at MUDs. Only a few got hooked. It takes a special kind of person. Probably nowadays, when people's demands and expectations on online multiplayer games have increased and they discard those that don't immediately cater to their palate much faster, even fewer will get hooked. Even I thought Genesis was a bit weird at first...
About the council problem - can't it be addressed by just wiping out the councils of those guilds affected by the malady you describe, replacing the councils under wizard supervision? Or would that take too much work?
I mean most people would probably agree that a player who can't play a few hours a week shouldn't be on a council anyway. But I know the problem you are speaking of. Some guilds just flat out ignore all new applicants it seems. The way I see it, this is the only real problem that needs to be addressed. The other stuff - sure you are not worrying too much about it, Gorboth?
If I were you my focus would be the guild problem. If you solved that, couldn't promotion be just a few months away? (Talking about getting your improved web page up and running)
If you wait another 3-4 years, the player base could dwindle so low that there aren't enough experienced players around to greet the newcomers.
I'm just saying - don't worry too much about the quality of Genesis. As I said - a MUD is a MUD, and Gen is still one of the best ones I've played. Perfectionism can be a fatal disease for any creative endeavor.

22 May 2011 03:16
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Maybe something like the above could be made with different sayings, then printed out by us to be posted various places. Lots of people have those phones that can read qrcodes.


25 May 2011 04:12
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Hi there!

I have a request, would you update the achievement list in the first post? I am very curious and wondering about it. Go for promotion gadgets as well, say Genesis key holder for instance, with artwork of the artist. I'd love to have my keys attached to it. : )


"Tis but a scratch" - Black Knight, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

21 May 2018 14:09

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7 years, Berwyn...

You really should read some stuff that is more up to date.

21 May 2018 16:24
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