About Our Artist - Denis Loubet

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About Our Artist - Denis Loubet

Post by gorboth » 03 Jun 2011 19:09

Hello all ...

I wanted to create a thread here in the Keeper's Korner that can feature Denis Loubet, the artist who is working with Genesis to create our visual brand. Tapakah and I have been in collaboration with him for over a year (at the time of this writing) laying the groundwork for what our look should be, and the sorts of things we would like to pay him to create for us.

First, a bit about Denis. Denis Loubet has been working as a fantasy illustrator since, like so many of us, as a child he became fascinated and inspired by the work of Frank Frazetta. Being just the right age to get in on the ground floor with D&D, he enjoyed playing the original roleplaying games, and was hired by Steve Jackson Games, working on GURPS. It was during this time that he was discovered by Richard Garriot, the creator of Origin Online and the Ultima series of games. Richard had already created the first two Ultima titles, and wanted an artist to draw the manual for Ultima III. For this, he hired Denis Loubet, who went on to become the lead artist for the entire Ultima series, and would continue to provide their box and manual art for nearly every title. At Origin, he also worked on many other titles, including the well-known Wing Commander seriers, where he was also lead artist. His vitae is truly impressive, spanning the cannon of RPGS from the classic era of computer gaming.

Here's a link to a page displaying many of the titles on which he has provided artwork:
http://www.mobygames.com/developer/shee ... perId,111/

Here's a link to a fascinating interview with him about his early career.
http://oldguyrpg.blogspot.com/2009/05/i ... rator.html

When I started thinking about a visual brand for Genesis, I wanted to find something that I felt represented the sort of game we are. Against the field of options that gamers face these days, what does Genesis represent? It isn't glitzy high-production values stuff like you'll find from any of the big game-houses. No - genesis offers something different. Therefore, I wanted us to show what we offer with something different from the first thing we show players with our website and our promotional materials. As I shared on the Common Board, I feel we are:
  • Decidedly old school (words only, man!)
  • Inspired by classic D&D, stats, dice-rolls, maps, etc.
  • From a different era, but timelessly cool
  • A true hardcore roleplaying opportunity
  • Huge, established, and content-rich
In this way, I feel it is extremely fitting that we have hired one of the original artists for roleplaying games to create artwork that we can use to promote the game with our website and advertising. I've asked Denis to try to capture the look and feel of his early work, and the style of illustrations used in original D&D manuals and modules. This look is often distinguished by find-line rendering. In the case of Denis Loubet, my favorite examples of his work also feature a type of almost wood-engraved style. For an example of this, you can check out the Manual he drew for Ultima V, which I feel is the epitome of excellent fantasy art.

The manual for Ultima V can be downloaded and viewed here:

But enough about history. What is Denis Loubet doing for Genesis? Here is the top-banner image he has drawn for our website. I think many of you will join me in feeling we are very fortunate to be working with an artist who can produce such things as this:


The rest of the artwork he has created for us will be unveiled with the opening of the new website. The great news is that Denis is interested in continuing to work on many more images such as this for us. Things I can imagine him creating include:
  • a Genesis logo
  • promotional posters
  • promotional web-banners

    And then there is website content. Potential images for:
  • every playable race in the game (male/female)
  • every occupational guild
  • small pictures to head each content area
In the end, we could wind up with a world-class website that will *truly* command a second look from fantasy lovers. The donations campaign has given us a lot to work with, but if you haven't yet found a reason to contribute, perhaps some of these ideas will inspire you to join those of us who have! :-)

Onward and upward!
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Re: About Our Artist - Denis Loubet

Post by Iliana » 03 Jun 2011 19:15

That artwork is truly beautiful but even more than that, I think it really suits Genesis. I would love to see the translation of all the different races into artwork! This is going to end up being a great website.

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Re: About Our Artist - Denis Loubet

Post by Cherek » 03 Jun 2011 23:18

Wow, nice! Is that Sparkle in the background with the tower or realms? :)

I was slightly sceptical before when I saw his webpage that looked a bit... ancient... But this proves you should not judge a man by his webpage, this looks great! And unique. Just like it was ordered!

Nice work Denis and and Gorboth, and whoever else involved.

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Re: About Our Artist - Denis Loubet

Post by Kitriana » 04 Jun 2011 02:09

Love :!:

Now Patiently waiting for image of the Shadow Union Warriors :)
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Re: About Our Artist - Denis Loubet

Post by Kas » 04 Jun 2011 14:41

There's something wrong with the banner Gorboth. You see those elves? they are smiling, and second, where's the Eye? /funny

(Great banner though, I love to see the rest of the artwork.) :)
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Re: About Our Artist - Denis Loubet

Post by gorboth » 05 Jun 2011 06:13

After having to delete a few "negative energy" posts from this thread, I realized we need a non-Keeper's-Korner thread for people to voice their opinions free of the tyranny of my delete-trigger-fingers.

You can find this new thread in the Promoting Genesis section.

I'll keep this thread open, too, but only for positive feedback, please! :-)

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Re: About Our Artist - Denis Loubet

Post by Hektor » 05 Jun 2011 09:55

<insert random positive feedback!> :)

I like it and I like where Genesis is headed with this!
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Re: About Our Artist - Denis Loubet

Post by Alorrana » 05 Jun 2011 11:39

Its a good looking pic, not to catchy, but okay. :) I like where its going. :)
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Re: About Our Artist - Denis Loubet

Post by Booger » 06 Jun 2011 03:17

Is it ok to copy this picture?
Ie, can I put it somewhere on my homepage?
And same question about any other pictures he produces for us.

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Re: About Our Artist - Denis Loubet

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 08 Jun 2011 18:30


I like the professional approach we are talking to this.
Time to donate.
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