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Genesis Achievements 
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Hello all!

Having spoken with both Sandalphon and Lavellan, I'm excited to begin official exploration and development of the idea of achievements within Genesis. These days, you can't find any sort of major release from a game company that doesn't include all manner of both logical and zany achievements that might inspire players to enjoy the game more and for new reasons. Genesis certainly has many such hills to climb, and why not let our players experience that sort of obsessive ticking off of the proverbial list? :-)

The first order of business, then, is to develop a module within the game that can keep track of the various things players do, and whether or not they have satisfied the requirements for a given achievement. Lavellan, the fabulous coder who helped make imbuements a reality, is exactly the sort of person who can design such a system. He and I will be working on this together in the days to come to see what we can come up with. Sandalphon is the wizard who designed our PLAY NOW client for the game. What is not widely known is that this client was developed to be at the same time a stand-alone client, web-app, and facebook plugin. As such, when we do feel it is ready to unleash on Facebook, such achievements can (at a player's option) be the sort of thing posted to the Facebook feed. (e.g. "Gorboth Nwalkaer earned the "How do I hold this thing?" achievement in Genesis LPMud for training a weapon skill to superior layman!")

The staple components for achievements in most games seem to include:
  • Celebrating both the mundane and the exotic.
  • Giving people a chance for bragging rights.
  • Catering to the obsessive compulsive in all of us. "Gotta catch 'em all!"
  • Achievement Titles tend to be full of word-play and pop-culture reference.

With these norms in mind, I'll submit for your discussion some of my own initial work on achievement possibilities for Genesis.

Achievements in Genesis (could be tweeted to Facebook feeds)

  - Each mortal level:
        "The story begins"     [greenhorne]
        "A little less green"  [beginner]
        "Learning the ropes"   [apprentice]
        "Getting Somewhere"    [wanderer]
        "I got this."          [adept]
        "Lets do this!"        [great adventurer]
        "Ready for Action"     [veteran]
        "Knows a thing or two" [expert]
        "Movin' on up"         [rising hero]
        "Strike a pose"        [hero]
        "Becoming a force."    [titan]
        "None shall pass!"     [champion]
        "I can taste it."      [legend]
        "Ding!"                [myth]

  - Training at least one mudlib-defined weapon skill to:
        "How do I hold this thing?"     [30: superior layman]
        "Is this the pointy end?"       [40: superior acolyte]
        "Hey, this thing kinda works!"  [50: superior journeyman]
        "Come at me, bro!"              [60: superior craftsman]
        "Water Dancer"                  [70: superior professional]
        "Extension of my arm"           [80: superior veteran]
        "Say hello to my liddle friend" [90: superior master]
        "Here's your ear back."         [100: superior guru]

  - Joining each type of guild:
        "Gotta make a living"             [craft]
        "I come from the land down under" [race]
        "A Little Something On the side"  [layman]
        "Casting my lot"                  [occupational]

  - Completing all quests in a given domain.
        "Neraka'n on Heaven's Door"       [Ansalon]
        "Another one rides Sy'brus"       [Avenir]
        "Gelan like a Felon"              [Calia]
        "Dark Sun Bathing"                [Cirath]
        "I'm Leguinning to like this"     [Earthsea]
        "All Torqued Off"                 [Emerald]
        "Sword Coast Boast"               [Faerun]
        "Misty Mountain Hop"              [Gondor]
        "The Bell Tolls"                  [Kalad]
        "Riverdance!"                     [Khalakhor]
        "Est Sularus Oth Questas"         [Krynn]
        "Drakmerely a flesh wound!"       [Raumdor]
        "My Precious!"                    [Shire]
        "Hub a Dub Dub"                   [Sparkle]
        "Swallow that Gem!"               [Terel]
        "All Your Base Are Belong To Us!" [All Quests Complete!]

  - Participating in defense against raids:
        "Kroug Krusher Initiate"          [involved in 1 Kroug Raid]
        "Kroug Krusher Regular"           [involved in 10 Kroug Raids]
        "Kroug Krusher Korporal"          [involved in 25 Kroug Raids]
        "Kroug Krusher Kommander"         [involved in 50 Kroug Raids]
        "Kroug Krusher Extreme"           [top defender in a Kroug Raid]

        "Drac Basher Attendee"            [involved in 1 VK Raid]
        "Drac Basher Faithful"            [involved in 10 VK Raids]
        "Drac Basher Lieutenant"          [involved in 25 VK Raids]
        "Drac Basher Supreme"             [involved in 50 VK Raids]
        "Drac Basher Bonanza"             [top defender in a VK Raid]

  - Lead a team of:
        "Double Dipper Lite"    [2 for 1 hour]
        "Double Dipper Deuce"   [2 for 2 hours]
        "Double Dipper Thrice"  [2 for 3 hours]
        "Double Dipper Quatro"  [2 for 4 hours]
        "Double Dipper Fifth"   [2 for 5 hours]
        "Double Dipper Sextet"  [2 for 6 hours]
        "Double Dipper Septum"  [2 for 7 hours]
        "Double Dipper Octagon" [2 for 8 hours]

        "Hat Trick Uno"         [3 for 1 hour]
        "Hat Trick Doublet"     [3 for 2 hours]
        "Hat Trick Trio"        [3 for 3 hours]
        "Hat Trick Quart"       [3 for 4 hours]
        "Hat Trick Quintadena"  [3 for 5 hours]
        "Hat Trick Hex"         [3 for 6 hours]
        "Hat Trick Siete"       [3 for 7 hours]
        "Hat Trick Octavio"     [3 for 8 hours]

        "Four Score Singlet"    [4 for 1 hour]
        "Four Score a Deux"     [4 for 2 hours]
        "Four Score Triad"      [4 for 3 hours]
        "Four Score Quad"       [4 for 4 hours]
        "Four Score Fiver"      [4 for 5 hours]
        "Four Score Sies"       [4 for 6 hours]
        "Four Score Septet"     [4 for 7 hours]
        "Four Score la Ocho"    [4 for 8 hours]

        "Five Penny Opera"      [5 for 1 hour]
        "Five Penny Duel"       [5 for 2 hours]
        "Five Penny Tricycle"   [5 for 3 hours]
        "Five Penny Crew"       [5 for 4 hours]
        "Five Penny Chain Gang" [5 for 5 hours]
        "Five Penny Slogger"    [5 for 6 hours]
        "Five Penny Stormers"   [5 for 7 hours]
        "Five Penny Marathon"   [5 for 8 hours]

        "Six in the Mix"        [6 for 1 hour]
        "Seventh Heaven"        [7 for 1 hour]
        "Don't Hate the Eight"  [8 for 1 hour]
        "Nine Doin' Fine"       [9 for 1 hour]
        "Then There Were Ten"   [10 for 1 hour]
        "Yo-Leven!"             [11 for 1 hour]
        "Dirty Dozen"           [12 for 1 hour]

  - Donations to Newbie Bins:
        "We Were All Newbies Once"  [once]
        "Patron of the Newbie Arts" [5 straight logins]
        "Benefactor Delicioso"      [10 straight logins]
        "Shoes for the baby!"       [25 straight logins]
        "Big Daddy Warbucks"        [50 straight logins]

These are some to consider. But ... I am quite sure that you in the community can come up with many more that would be great to add. One thing we want to consider (and which Petros helped me add to this list) will be including achievements that celebrate not only individual goals, but community-based things (such as teaming and newbie donations.)

So let's hear it, folks! Lets get a good list developed here. :-)


p.s. Remember - this is Keeper's Korner. I will delete negative posts with impunity! *leer*

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01 May 2012 10:04

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Now THIS is an awsome idea :o

It gives people something to strive for other than myth, I can come with a few suggestions for achivements aswell if you want more?

01 May 2012 13:04

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loving it

01 May 2012 13:07
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I've deleted a number of responses (yes, that's what I do in Keeper's Korner!) that said, basically, "Finish the recodes first." Yup. I hear that. Message noted. There will always be many projects going on in Genesis, however. Rest assured that the recodes continue to be a priority for us, and I spoke to Petros about that very topic last night. I don't want to fill up this thread with any more of that, though.

So, yes, Draugor ... please I'd love to hear more ideas for achievements from everyone! :-)


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01 May 2012 17:23

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Just a few suggestions here

Reaching a fantastic progress on the violent levels, its a bitch doing so it could be an achi imo :) "Its fantastic! Just fantastic!"
Reaching 100 days 200 days 300 days etc etc in ages, I know about the pins but making it an achi would be nice "Old fart" "Anchient fart" and so far and so forth
Killing Zeh balrog and various dragons, also the nazzie ofc. Yea they should all have different ones, for the blue dragon in Kalaman "bluebane" and Balrog "YOU SHALL NOT... LIVE!"
Taking a Pkill! If its a knight "Knights thing they can fight!?" from the boat captain from Sanction. "Wolf is served!" from Calians "Not so sneaky now are ya!?" for rangers and so on and so forth
"Having a dragon wont make you safe!" FOr killing a DA member "Badass of the YEAR!" for killing a morgul
Reaching supreme stats, for str "I can benchpress a horse!!!" and so on :)
Taking the yeti Solo, "I'm so much cooler"
Make minas tirith raidable and make raiding that an achi, ofc same with minas morgul "This is MY TOWN!"
Kill Kitiara and obtain the sabre "Thats MY sabre!"
Kill Ariakas "Emperor? HAH!"
Kill Verminaard AND Ember in one sitting "The dragonarmies aint got nothing on me!"
"High walls done make you safe!" killing Gunthar in VK
"Yea, I'm THAT good!!!" killing a player of a higher average than yourself
"By the skin on my teeth!" wimpy at DD from something, wimpy only not BA etc
"Money money money!" obtain 1K plats, and after that another achi for 5K 10K 20K etc etc
"Working all day and night!" Smith achifor making like... 5K of an item
Kill the lord of drakmere "I'M THE LORD HERE!"
"Lord of the legion PPPPFT!!!" Killing Mergula
Area exploration "Wanderer of Krynn!" etc and the "Mythical roamer" for whoever explores everything
"Food critique" eat 100 different food types in the realm
"booze hound" drink 100 different types of booze
"Race hater" kill 10K of a race, elfhater, hobbit hater, gnome hater etc
"Garden gnome" herb 100 different types of herbs
"Forest fire" herb 10K herbs
"The elven king!" Obtain the wyrmslayer
"I see you!!!!" have Sup guru awareness either by items or herbs
"Imbuement fence", collect a total of 500 imbuement stones
"Kill em all!!!!" Get a million kills (yea a million, seriously, 100K I can knock of in a week)
"YAARR!!! Matey!" Manage to get a Pkill on the bloodsea
Ofc the Pkill ones need to be related to yuor and the targets size, we dont want myths doing newbies only to get achives

Ofc for the dragon ones we'd have to upgrade them and make them an actuall challenge

01 May 2012 18:36
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Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! Extremely awesome work, Draugor! I'm going to use a ton of those (slightly tweaking the names, perhaps.)

More more!

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01 May 2012 19:06
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Here's my planned implementation of some of Draugor's ideas:

  - Fantastic Progress:
        "Elementary, my dear Fanta" [brute: < extremely meek]
        "Fanta 101"                 [brute: < slightly touchy]
        "Fantastic Voyage"          [brute: < slightly brutal]
        "Captain Fantastic"         [brute: < slightly violent]
        "Drastic Fantastic"         [brute: = extremely violent]

  - Age:
        "I Wuz Here!"                                 [1 day]
        "Habit Forming"                               [10 days]
        "This goes down smoooooth"                    [25 days]
        "Better than Chocolate"                       [50 days]
        "I'd be proud if this wasn't an alt"          [100 days]
        "Eleventy-first!"                             [111 days]
        "You could say I'm a regular."                [200 days]
        "I've been around"                            [300 days]
        "It was a very good year."                    [365 days]
        "Call me a relic"                             [400 days]
        "Seen a few things in my time"                [500 days]
        "I can feel it in my joints"                  [600 days]
        "Older than Dirt"                             [700 days]
        "Remembers Kaheda"                            [800 days]
        "In my day, Army was daily, and we LIKED it!" [900 days]
        "Father Time"                                 [1000 days]

  - NPC Solo Conquests:
        "Emporer, HAH!"                 [Ariakas]
        "YOU ... SHALL NOT ... WIMPY!!" [Balrog]
        "Back in Black"                 [Black Dragon of Terel]
        "Black Breath Mint"             [Black Rider]
        "That's MY sabre!"              [Kitiara]
        "Lord of the Legion PPPPFT!"    [Mergula]
        "Midnight THIS!"                [Verminard + Ember]
        "Now who's cool?"               [Yeti]

I'll keep working. Keep 'em coming! :-)


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01 May 2012 20:15
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Are there still plans for this? I think it is a really neat idea.

Perhaps there could be special titles (that appear in one's character description) that go along with such a system.

"He/She appears to be an underachiever." (0-200)
"He/She appears to be a moderate achiever." (201-400)
"He/She appears to be a successful achiever." (401-600)
"He/She appears to be an overachiever." (600+)

Or something. Those aren't very clever, I am sure you could come up with better.

Zhar wrote:
"Man, this guild I'm in is so god damn powerful! Please nerf or I'll have to leave it because it's no fun any more..."

15 Nov 2013 17:06
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Amorana wrote:
Are there still plans for this? I think it is a really neat idea.

Perhaps there could be special titles (that appear in one's character description) that go along with such a system.

"He/She appears to be an underachiever." (0-200)
"He/She appears to be a moderate achiever." (201-400)
"He/She appears to be a successful achiever." (401-600)
"He/She appears to be an overachiever." (600+)

Or something. Those aren't very clever, I am sure you could come up with better.

I'd happily spend a lot of hours helping with whatever we need to do to get this implemented. Seriously, I love this stuff.

15 Nov 2013 18:10
It would be fun to collect achievements. Especially if you get them by killing "boss" enemies.

15 Nov 2013 18:32
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