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Genesis Achievements 
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mallor wrote:
Was this actually implemented?
We could throw a "WOW like armory" page on top of it, where you can display your stats/guilds/achievements/whatnot and share on social networks of all kinds. Throw some pretty graphics on it and you can attract people.

No it was never implemented. I believe parts were completed though, but not enough to make it to the live game. The project has to my knowledge been on ice for some years now. I seem to remember part of it was tested during an event years ago though, but it might be my memory playing tricks too. Wasn't it tested during the necro event possibly? Hmm. Goooooorboth!

27 Jul 2017 02:32
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>appraise bracelet
You study the gilded azure bracelet carefully.
 This is the Genesis Achievements Bracelet. Your achievements are tracked
through Genesis Badges. Eventually you will be able to <wear> this bracelet to
show off your <badges> to others. Should you need to, you can <discard> it, but
you will not earn any badges without it.

 You judge that the weight is 1 grams and you estimate its volume is about 1
milliliters. You estimate its worth to 1 copper coin.
The gilded azure bracelet is made to be worn on your left wrist.

>wear bracelet
 By wearing the gilded azure bracelet, others will be able to see your
You wear the gilded azure bracelet on your left wrist.

You have earned 10 badges!
Badge Name           Badge Description
You Got An Arch Pig  For collecting one of the Arch Pigs, you earn this
                     very cool "You Got An Arch Pig" Badge!
Are Those Apple      Score one for Apple Chips! You've managed to find
Chips?               your very own Apple Chips to smoke a Hampshire Ham
Found Something In   Avenir, land of opportunity! Opportunity to
Avenir               collect for the Christmas 2013 event! You get this
                     badge for having located your target with the rune
                     stone in Avenir or Terel. Collect from enough
                     domains to become known as the Donut Trotter
Donut Trotter Hammie The Donut is your oyster! Or was it the other way
                     around? In either case, you are quite the world
                     traveller. You've collected something in at least
                     five different domains! For that you have earned
                     the Donut Trotter Hammie badge!
Krynnish Hammie      Neither the Knights of Solamnia nor the
                     Dragonarmies stand a chance against you finding
                     the Christmas ham and chips! Keep it up and maybe
                     you can become a Donut Trotter Hammie!
Scoured Earthsea     Scouring the Earthsea domain has been productive!
                     Forget the Kargs and find some Christmas ham and
                     chips. Keep it up and maybe you can become a Donut
                     Trotter Hammie!
Fair Faerun Hammie   They say that rubbing smoked ham juice over your
                     skin makes it fair. Regardless of whether that's
                     true or not, you've done good work in recovering
                     ham and chips from the thieves! Keep it up and
                     maybe you can become a Donut Trotter Hammie!
Calling on Kalad     Who you gonna call when you need some Christmas
                     Ham and Chips? Kalad! Kalad! Kalad! Keep it up and
                     maybe you can become a Donut Trotter Hammie!
Calling Calian       Which of the Kyrullians know where the Hams are?
Hammies              Probably none of them, which is why when someone
                     needs some ham and chips, they call upon you! Keep
                     it up and maybe you can become a Donut Trotter
Ham In The Desert    Who knew that Hams and Chips can survive in the
                     desert of Cirath? You did, of course! Keep it up
                     and maybe you can become a Donut Trotter Hammie!

You know about 10 unearned badges.
All Arches Belong To You
I Know How To Collect
I Collect Better Than You
My Middle Name Is Hammie
Professional Hammie
Supreme Master Hammie of the Donut
Unearthed In Middle Earth
Hubba My Hammie
Green With Emerald Envy!
Celtic Ham Is Yummy

27 Jul 2017 04:00
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Thanks Syrk, yeah that's the thing I remember, the bracelet. guess it was the christmas ham event, not the necro event.

27 Jul 2017 15:53
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Well too bad achievements in general weren't implemented. Could be useful for promoting the game, when people would start sharing those on facebook with links to Genesis page.

27 Jul 2017 19:44
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It was an experiment to see how it could work in the game. I think the overall feedback was that it was way to spammy, so we needed to find a way to make that better. There's also categorization of achievements as we added them over time and what governance was needed for it. Assuming we can do that, the framework is there to actually use it in many places. We need some new events though... :)

27 Jul 2017 20:39
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Well take it to the web site, instead of the game.
And you don't need new events, there are lots of good suggestions for achievements right in this post! :)

27 Jul 2017 21:15
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So I imagine, when you get the achievement, you would instinctively dance in circles and a voice would boom out of nowhere: YOU DID IT.

Am I right? ;)


"Tis but a scratch" - Black Knight, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

21 May 2018 14:38
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