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Re: WoHS

Post by Rhaegar » 21 Feb 2011 13:36

Celephias wrote:Chanele - can you point me to this item that regains mana points faster than I can use them? If I'm casting for real, I am out of mana in about one minute. I'd love an item that regains mana for immortal int in under a minute. If you also come across the component auto-generator send that along as well.

I want to get in all my shots before the recode! ;-)
Doesn't this martyr crown Hektor and Fluffy are using constantly help with that?
You could also use the corrupted mana potions from Sybarus if you're desperate enough ;)
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Re: WoHS

Post by Celephias » 22 Feb 2011 05:10


If I was in a situation like that where I blew my mana, I would basically be sitting around twiddling my thumbs for quite a while, or trying to use this and that (without giving up any info) to get back to the point where I could do it again.

Basically, for me to kill someone my size, I could do it relatively quickly, but then I'm doing nothing for a bit (or melee attacks on things much smaller than me). A fighter my size could kill something my size a bit slower, but then could move on to another and another without taking a break.

This is the standard magic/melee tradeoff - burst power versus sustained power. For time periods exceeding 10 minutes or so (estimated), the fighter kills much more. This is really how you'd expect things to work I would think.


I tried them once to little effect. However, it could be that Hektor's and Fluffy's casting styles for their guilds mean they probably cast a little bit a lot of the time, so that crown could be more helpful for them. I guess we'd have to ask them if it keeps them in unlimited mana. It doesn't for me.

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Re: WoHS

Post by Rhaegar » 22 Feb 2011 13:33

Well, it should still be faster to recover this way than regular waiting.
Crown on, athly munching commence! ;)
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Re: WoHS

Post by Arman » 26 Sep 2018 13:04

Theobald withdrew a scroll case. He opened the lid, taking an unconscionable length of time about it, fussing and fumbling clumsily until Raistlin was tempted to leap across the room and wrest the case from the man's hand. Finally the lid came off. Theobald removed the scroll, handed it across to Raistlin.

"Here, pupil. You might as well see this for yourself."

Now that the scroll was in his hands, Raistlin wondered if he had the courage to read it. He hesitated a moment to insure that his hands did not tremble and betray him, then, with outward nonchalance masking inward apprehension, he unrolled the scroll.

He tried to read it, but his nervousness impaired his eye sight. The words would not come into focus. When they did, he did not comprehend them.

Then he could not believe them.

Amazed and aghast, he stared at his master. "This... this can't be right. I am too young."

"That is what I said," Theobald stated in nasty tones.
"But I was overruled."

Raistlin read the words again, words that, though they were not in the least magical, began to glow with the radiance of a thousand suns.

The aspiring magus, Raistlin Majere, is hereby summoned to the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth to appear before the Conclave of Wizards on the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh hour. At this time, in this place, you will be tested by your superiors for inclusion into the ranks of those gifted...

Courtesy of Margaret Weis in Soulforge. And so Raistlin began the path to the Test of High Sorcery... which you can now too.

The Wizards of High Sorcery are now formally open for recruitment. Aspirants should seek out further information on the School board or on the public board in the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth.

Arman Kharas

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