Minstrel Recode

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Re: Minstrel Recode

Post by Mim » 05 Mar 2015 11:03

Did this recode stop completely?

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Re: Minstrel Recode

Post by Snowrose » 05 Mar 2015 13:11

I like the idea of the minstrels being nutral cause in mythology muses were not really good or evil.
i also like people moving minstrels a bit more along gypsy/bard (themacticly cool with gypsy camp so close)
still a leader/support roll with minor heals but much more focused on buffs/debuffs than a cleric type guild would be

haveing been a ranger/minstrel for a time obvious rogue skills do feel inapropriate but you could theme them in with slight of hand if minstrels go more along the path twards gypsy.

you could have each muse have a special power that gives the choice meaning. the muse of epic poetry might be a bit more combat happy than the muse of comedy who might have something downright slapstick.

I also like the ideas playing with sonics like destract, shatter(damage gear), or buffing, antifear/antimez,
just thinking what can be done with music and showmanship.

and minitaur players should be able to have cowbell as an instrament cause that would rock.

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Re: Minstrel Recode

Post by britanica » 23 Jan 2016 04:11

Code: Select all

In days of ancient lore, the muses who brought joy to the world were known
as Melete, Mneme, and Aoide which loosely translates to Practice, Memory, 
and Song.  Music was very beautiful and very uniform.  Its sole purpose 
was to enlighten and please the listener.  Through the ages, while styles
have progressed, musics main purpose has never changed.

At the end of the days of ancient lore, nine muses came to us bringing 
with them the different styles of music being epic, historic, lyric, 
comedic, tragic, lively, heartfelt, sacred, and mystic.  This music was 
created using the diatonic scale to fill the land with joy.  

A century later music changed when Thamyris started creating songs with 
the root note being the second note of the diatonic scale.  This Dorian 
scale led to the next revolution of music.  From this came songs of 
darkness and sadness.  The nine muses cultivated this style as it 
increased their power two fold.  Thamyris, known as the greatest minstrel 
in the land challenged them to a singing contest.  He was no competition 
for the muses and as punishment for his presumption, they cut out his 
tongue and took his instruments so he may never please another mortal 
again.  The unjust punishment and fear of the dark songs brought the wraith 
of the other gods and a battle in the heavens filled the night sky.  
Five muses were never seen again.

The four remaining muses led our ancestors in the exodus of the old land.
While only four muses could be seen, it is said that we would not have 
survived the journey without the three sets of three muses that guided 
us to Terel.

While their names may not be known to us, we know that muses always work in
threes.  When you feel their effects, it is the combined power of all three.

Proposed Minstrel Changes

The below proposal should add many original concepts to the Minstrels guild
and increase role playing on the donut. The changes will give minstrels
hours of game play entertainment and increase the minstrels value in a team.

Minstrel joining requirements:

The the black list will be cleared. any player who wishes to be added back
can go on a killing spree in the Minstrel Palace for the quickest results. Dark
title options will also be selectable for minstrels who wish their stage
persona to emphasize the bad boy/girl image. A percussion instrument
or two will be added for players who don't look good playing a wind or
string instrument.

** joining requirements were cleared in 2007. Any joining restrictions for
Minstrels are enforced by external guilds, not the Minstrels.

Minstrel Songs of Power

Minstrel Skills

Perform - superior guru - Merged from Play Instrument, Sing and Read Music
Tune/Repair Instrument - reduce to superior journeyman
Language - superior craftsman

New Skills
Spellcraft - superior craftsman
pick pocket - superior acolyte
acrobat - superior acolyte
appraise skills - superior acolyte

New Anybody Skill - Available in Calathin, not the Minstrel Guild
Heckling Skill - superior amateur - Heckling is a new skill that anyone
can obtain that allows the heckler a % chance to disrupt a minstrels
mundane song. The affect is cumulative for all members in a mob. This skill
can be temporarily affected by pax.

In the same room as a heckler heckling, all living can heckle the minstrel
at the skill level of 10% of the hecklers skill.

Cheering action

New action for all living in the area to cheer a minstrel when a mundane song
is being playing. Cheering for a minstrel subtracts the current heckler
disruption chance and votes up their song.

Genesis Top 100 Songs

The Genesis Top 100 songs list is decided by the genesis players and NPCs.
Every time a song is played and finished in an accredited venue the song
ranking is given a boost based upon the venue size. Any time a minstrel plays
in the presence of players or NPCs, the players and NPCs can cast their vote
by cheering or boo'ing the minstrel. Some NPCs can be quite the critics.

Every four hours, the top 100 song's rankings are updated. The initial list
consist of 176 songs that were longer than 750 character which were reviewed
and ranked by the muses. Several existing players already have songs in the
top 100. One who is currently on the Minstrels black list has 6 in the top 50.
When joining the Minstrels, if you have a song on the list, it will be automatically
added to your songbook.

Minstrel Achievements - Reputation

The achievement tasks for the minstrels falls along two different paths.
The first is playing mundane songs at venues and the second is promoting
an original song through the top 10 on the Genesis top 100 list.

Minstrels Gig at venues across the Donut.

To successfully complete a gig, the player must arrive at the venue location
and start the gig no more than 30 minutes late. Gigs cannot start early.
The minstrel must sing the required number of sets with each set being at
least 10 minutes long and consisting of a minimum of 5 songs. A break of
2-5 minutes is to be taken between sets. If food or drink are provided by
the publican, the minstrel must consume it during the break. At smaller
venues, the minstrel is paid by the publican and must pay the agent his fee
from the gig to get the achievement and to get the next gig.
The minstrel may sing Pax between each song.

There a 6 different levels of venues where a minstrel can play. Each level
requires the minstrel to know more and more popular songs and have a higher
minimum performance skill. Minstrel achievements are awarded for:

Code: Select all

Minstrel Achievement:   Played 1 gig at a <venue type>
                        Played 5 gigs at different <venue type>
                        Played 10 gigs at <venue type>
                        Played a gig in all <venue type>
                        Played 25 gigs at <venue type>
                        Played 50 gigs at <venue type>
                        Played 100 gigs at <venue type>
                        Heckled at <venue type>

Venue Types:    Drinking Hole - Unnamed drinking establishments
                Small Pub - drink only
                Small Inn - food and usually drink
                Large Pub - drink only
                Large Inn - food and drink
                Festival - Minstrels play 1 set of 20 minutes. 
                           Minimum levels apply.
                           Act 1,2     - Laymen 
                           Act 3,4     - Journeymen 
                           Act 5,6,8   - Craftsmen 
                Headline   Act 7       - Professionals 
Minstrels Get their song in the top 10

Minstrel achievements are awarded by the Minstrel Agent the first time
the player visits the agent and has a song in the charts at the achievement

Code: Select all

minimum skill: veteran
Minstrel Achievement:   Song in the top 25 of the Genesis 100 top songs
                        Song in the top 10 of the Genesis 100 top songs
minimum skill: master
Minstrel Achievement:   Song at #5 in the Genesis 100 top songs
                        Song at #4 in the Genesis 100 top songs
                        Song at #3 in the Genesis 100 top songs
                        Song at #2 in the Genesis 100 top songs
                        Song at #1 in the Genesis 100 top songs
Guru Quest - Minstrel plays the heckle room and gets a standing ovation.

Code: Select all

minimum skill: guru
song requirements:      4 in the top 10, 8 more in top 25, encore in top 10
required achievement:   Minstrel has headlined a festival venue
number of sets:         4 sets - 40 minutes performance + breaks + encore
                        encore song goes directly to #1
impediments:            the audience contains hecklers who can disrupt a song                        
Minstrel Achievement:   Standing Ovation at Heckle Room, Quest XP
Minstrel Achievements affect the minstrels reputation and offer general xp.

Minstrel Auras

Minstrel auras are laymen level buffs that are applied to a team when a minstrel
sings a mundane song. The power of the aura is a fraction of what a song of
power would produce.

Minstrel auras consist of the aura of the muse they selected when receiving
an instrument and the additional aura of two changing muses which are randomly
selected once per Armageddon. The aura has a chance to activated when the
minstrel sings a mundane song. When the aura is activated, it contains the
combined effect from all three muses. Each time a minstrel performs a
stanza of a mundane song, there is a chance the aura may activate. The
aura lasts for period of time and once ended, and after a short cool off
period the aura can be activated again. If the minstrel is only singing or
playing instead of performing, the chance of triggering the aura drops in
half per stanza. Playing an instrument while engaged in combat greatly
increases the chance of instrument damage.

Each unique song on the top 100 list can trigger an aura effect when being
played only if the song hasn't been sung by the minstrel and triggered an
aura effect in the last two hours. Minstrels must have a varied and popular
repertoire to constantly received the aura.

The strength of the aura is determined by the ranking of the song in the
Genesis top 100 songs list. Songs outside the top 100 provide no aura effect.

Code: Select all

The effect of the muse aura is given below

Four permanent muses - Primary muse was selected when instrument was chosen
                       Muse does not change for a minstrel
*Calliope    (epic poetry)                 Slow - Limits non team members moves 
                                                  to X rooms per second
*Clio        (history)                     Extra AC
*Thalia      (comedy and pastoral poetry)  Charm - Focus attention on minstrel
                                                       - Lowers non team members awareness of others
*Melpomene   (tragedy)                     Extra Damage
Changing Muses - These Muses are randomly selected once per Armageddon
 Euterpe     (flutes and lyric poetry)     Discipline Boost
 Terpsichore (dance)                       Dexterity Boost
 Erato       (love poetry)                 Strength Boost
 Polyhymnia  (sacred poetry)               Health Regen
 Urania      (astronomy)                   Mana Regen

Minstrel NPCs

Code: Select all

Minstrel Agent - The achievement master hands out the gigs and ticket books 
                 to minstrels and awards minstrel achievements for 
                 completing gigs.  He doesn't care if a minstrel didn't make
                 it to a gig, he wants his 15% if he gave out the gig.

Wandering Minstrel - Teaches mundane songs to players for a cost.
                     Can learn songs from a minstrel to add to his songbook.
                     Knows the #1 song from last Armageddon.
                     Randomly knows 3 others from the top 10, 5 more songs 
                     between the top 10 and the top 25, and 16 more up to #200
                     Provides hints about the current muse auras.
                     Accepts gigs from the agent, uses the venue guide to 
                     travels to the venue, plays the gig, and returns. 

Minstrel Groupies - Accepts tickets to gigs and will use the venue guide 
                    to be in the audience at the show.  Groupies will follow
                    artists with songs in the top 10 if they don't have
                    gig to go to.  Groupies also try to go to all of the 

Hospitality Workers - food and drink workers for the festival

The Hecklers - Mainly found in the heckle room.  A small group stalk the 
               groupies.  If given a ticket to a show, they will attend 
               to practice their favourite skill.  Anyone can give a heckler
               any ticket and they will attend the next show they have a 
               ticket for.
Comments and Feedback welcome.
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Re: Minstrel Recode

Post by Jooli » 23 Jan 2016 11:10

- 1 room per second, thats about the same as a complete block, and kind of overpowered for a layman guild?

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Re: Minstrel Recode

Post by Draugor » 23 Jan 2016 11:19

Jooli wrote:- 1 room per second, thats about the same as a complete block, and kind of overpowered for a layman guild?
Naa, prolly more powerfull as it guarantees you aint going nowhere for a sec, block still has a change to be broken :P

Now if spellresistances are in play here, its prolly the same principle as mages, be prepared ot be screwed :P

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Re: Minstrel Recode

Post by britanica » 23 Jan 2016 12:14

Jooli wrote:- 1 room per second, thats about the same as a complete block, and kind of overpowered for a layman guild?
I will keep this in mind.

The slow effect will be tuned once it is up and going. I have updated the post to X rooms a second. The goal is to assist PvP, not guarantee it.

Heckling can be used disrupt a minstrels song before any aura can be activated and the popularity of the song also affects the strength of the aura.

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Re: Minstrel Recode

Post by Chanele » 23 Jan 2016 12:45

It sounds like a really good and fun concept, great work!
I also like the concept of team support abilities. The power can be tuned along the way.

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Re: Minstrel Recode

Post by Kas » 23 Jan 2016 23:21

AoE snare in an layman guild?

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Re: Minstrel Recode

Post by Kitriana » 24 Jan 2016 01:26

fascinating ideas and certainly fresh and interesting.

I imagine there a plenty of people who will like this and it certainly bodes well for those out there who want to be mercenaries and give a new dimension to their RP.

But find that i will likely leave the guild if these changes are implemented.
Much like I needed to do so with Worshippers.

I'm finding fewer and fewer laymen guilds that fit within what I see as acceptable for Sybarite RP. But I guess the acceptability for a laymen guild as it connects to occupational guilds doesn't really factor in with a wizards perspective when designing a guild concept.

I guess I'll continue to dream that maybe some wizard out there will finally code a Laymen guild in Sybarus.

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Re: Minstrel Recode

Post by britanica » 25 Jan 2016 00:57

The proposal post was updated

Thalia aura changed from deceive to charm.

Clarified that songs of power will remain.

Clarified that Heckling is not a Minstrel skill but a skill that can be used to protect against a minstrel.

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