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Re: Hidden titles

Posted: 04 Jan 2014 00:40
by Recoba
I think it's a real waste that some wizard spends a lot of time making up cool titles and then the guild members hide them and hardly anyone gets to see them.

Also, cool titles enhance panache and roleplay. Hidden titles add nothing to the game. It was perhaps marginally cool in the old days when only one guild or two had that feature, but not when it's this common, it's just silly and boring.

If you want to hide who you are, then don't introduce.

Custom titles or titles that change with context (like Mercs when they are not hidden) are fine - they say something. But when a bunch of guilds hide their titles completely it kind of ruins the whole point of having coded titles, and then I really don't see why we don't just let players set their own titles freely instead.