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Tricksters decomissioned 
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Ttttttttrrrrrrricksters are gonna still be left dead? :cry:

27 Feb 2013 19:37
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I split this from the 25th Anniversary thread. Yes, tricksters are actually going to be decomissioned and closed, most likely.

Eowul and I took a look at the guild, and of the only 25 or so members, only 2 had logged in much in the last year. Most were many years idle. Moreover, the guild is not in either Eowul or my idea for what suits the Middle Earth theme. Rather than spend time and resources on it, we've decided to close it.

Should the playerbase grow substantially, it might make sense to again offer such a guild.


Mmmmmm ... pie ...

27 Feb 2013 21:56
There have been no members BECAUSE it offered even less than Minstrels. Same could be said about lay monks or Archers.

Give them some form of combat aid (even Heralds give some) and see people choose it more often - as simple as that.

SS kender + trickster = great RP combo however completely useless combat wise and because of this non-viable in Genesis :-(
Same as hobbit Ranger + minstrel on bows ... or hobbit Ranger trickster, etc.

Anyway - sad news :-(

27 Feb 2013 22:06
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I always liked Tricksters :(

Time is precious. Waste it wisely.

27 Feb 2013 22:15
How many active members will make you reconsider your decision? :twisted:

28 Feb 2013 00:36

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Well truth be told Gorboth.
Tricksters are an iconic genesis guild :)
However maybe locate them somewhere else like... Sparkle?
Also they have been around like forever, and I have no doubt people would join them if they actually offered something

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28 Feb 2013 07:11

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Well, I fully understand that decision, and think its wise to put
the resources in the active guilds.

There are alot of nostalgic things in Genesis, and many memories,
but lets face it, we cannot have it all.

28 Feb 2013 11:03

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The problem with tricksters imo is the alignment thingie, its unique aye but lets say you clear the elfcamp once... you're out.

The theme ets fucking rules tho, and the emotes etc are AWSOME, but the guild sucks ass in any way that actually counts

28 Feb 2013 13:12
Draugor wrote:
The problem with tricksters imo is the alignment thingie, its unique aye but lets say you clear the elfcamp once... you're out.

align check is/was on join only - never did it occur leter

28 Feb 2013 15:03
Reinstate shinkick!!

28 Feb 2013 18:49
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