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Posted: 28 Aug 2017 06:11
by Tindell
I realize this guild isn't all that new anymore, but I had a few questions/suggestions/requests regarding them as they're new to me.
I'm writing all this as a member of the Academics, just so you're aware of which side I'm talking from.

School Links
I think as they stand right now, the two schools are linked by location and lore (as the "two newbie schools"), but not much else. I had a fantastic time teaming with a few cadets and I think it would be great to put in some mechanic that allows more of that. The cadets are supposed to be our more beefy brothers and sisters who are perhaps better at taking a hit than a flimsy academic (I realize in practice I have enough defense and weapon skill to blast through things with ease with spell specials). The flavor of emotes also leads to hilarity with the sometimes overenthusiastic cadets clashing with the bookish academics. Perhaps something like a shared cadet/academics list? Some way in the shared hallway to let others know you're looking for a team? Bell that could be rung or something that rings in everyone's mind with the name of the char looking for a team.

School Improvements
I'm dying for a library right now. Academics write things, publish things, and I'd like to see a spot in the guild for this. One of my goals as an academic is to gather information (100% within game through libraries or rped interviews) on all the magical guilds of the realms and write something about my travels and what I found. I want to be able to leave that somewhere as a reference for future academics. I think this is needed not only for the flavor of the guild but also for the function. The guild is currently only nominally the newbie magic guild. From what I have seen many (maybe 70% of who I've met) young magic users go straight into the School of High Magic. I would guess a bit of this is due to new guild hype, but I have been advised on multiple occasions to skip Cadets/Academics and go into Mercs/SoHM. Providing more learning opportunities within the academics might make it a more attractive option for learning the ropes of the game. People could write books on herbing, mana management, effects of alcohol on spellcasting, and on and on. Perhaps put in a title requirement for publishing books. Heck, I think it would be interesting to make writing one short book/note a requirement for graduation. (am I getting too real now? :D )

Do we have it? Do we get a ring like cadets? This is an honest question. I've seen it on the board in the academics, but no answer. I really hope it's there, because the whole "magic version of the cadets" will feel really tacked on and cheap without something as memorable as that. That whole graduation mechanic really tied the story of being a cadet with the community of Gelan.

So! There are my thoughts. I apologize if some of this has already been discussed. I did a little search but didn't find too much.

Re: Academics

Posted: 28 Aug 2017 09:50
by Sibbedidenn
I am a newbie, having started to play Genesis this year. The first guild I joined was the Academy though and I love it still. I reached the max title and moved on. Still, I think that for the newbie this is the guild to join for a mage character. It is easy to train basic magic skills while having a low tax (so I have heard) at the Academy. And the combat spells are really quite nice for a newbie guild.
I agree that some sort of graduation or tenured scholarship should be offered. If I had the skill and the ability I would add several like additions to the school, but it is a newbie guild, and perhaps it needs none.
The linking between the schools for teaming is a great idea, and from all the fellow academics I have talked to, one that is most desired.
This library is what I am sort of indifferent about. I would always like one at a magic school for the sake of a certain realism but I do not see it as important as the other two, so I don't agree or disagree. Although I think It may well be a good addition.

And you are right, there has been few if any posts on these forums about the AoEA. It is a transition guild and that is likely the reason. Who knows.

Cheers, it is always good to hear from a fellow academic!