What guild focus on "buffs" and "support" ?

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What guild focus on "buffs" and "support" ?

Post by Alteor » 21 Dec 2017 07:02

My RP partners are trying to decide what guilds to join, as many of them are almost graduating (yep, lots of cadets and academy students).

Some want to go full support, as in just buff, light, heal, etc...

Suggestions for guilds that do that?

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Re: What guild focus on "buffs" and "support" ?

Post by Rincon » 21 Dec 2017 08:00

If goodie then Rangers or Elemental Clerics. If baddie - Priests of Takhisis.

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Re: What guild focus on "buffs" and "support" ?

Post by Manglor » 22 Dec 2017 21:37

Definitely Elemental Clerics! :) Feel free to contact the Emissary.

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