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Re: plexus

Posted: 09 Jun 2020 12:11
by Cherek
I am not sure I understand what you want us to take a look at exactly? A full monk recode? Or a fix to plexus?

A full recode is unfortunately unlikely for the forseeable future since we don't really have any active wizards interested in the job or there are simply other things with higher priority. Monks is after all a fairly popular guild, and in my personal experience they are quite functional as they are? Or?

If there is a serious problem with an ability making the guild unplayable, then of course it should be a priority to fix it. But what exactly is the problem?

Re: plexus

Posted: 09 Jun 2020 12:20
by Mim
gold bezie wrote:
07 May 2018 22:49
> plexus
The grey-skinned stone giant does not have a solar plexus you can hit.

Thank god this is plexus and not smash.
Now such a change would rock this forum. :D

Re: plexus

Posted: 09 Jun 2020 21:39
by gold bezie
Dear Cherek,

Yes the monks are fairly populair, but that is more because of other reasons than power. I could have joined the most powerful guilds in the realms but i choose monks because of the background, for one. I think most players that choose the Dragon Order do this because they dont like the drama of war, enemies and alignment that most other guilds have, but do want to go for a 'real' guild, unlike mercs. But noone applies (at least as long as i am in the guild) because of its surpreme power. Actually ive heard new players are warned not to go for monks, because they 'are not strong'. And that s alright.

We are a little bit more playable now that karma has changed. And we have the luck we have big players in our guild that help the smaller ones. We dont have an active wizard but at least we have a wizard who can fix smaller bugs. So no i dont expect a new full monks recode. In all honesty there is a guild that needs it more (cough rangers).

But to get back to your question there are two things i really think there should be taken a look at:
1. plexus: not working against undead. Understandable, but then i would say dont make whole GK full with undead. So give us more places where we can hunt, or change GK and put like half of them with creatures we can use plexus on.
2. The two shields combined with how magic works now! Make it fair compared with other magic users. Others have to only wear one shield and dont have to remove it to make a cast work. We are forced to wear two shields (a very silly idea in my opinion but we can discus that with the one who will actually give us a full recode), but casting a spell with two shields doesnt work.
If we remove the shields during battle before the spell works we are hit harder than we can heal us) Please make it as affective as with one shield.

I have no idea how much work it is to change these things. But i do believe that the one who made GK and who changed the spells not working with two shields did not think of our guild.

Re: plexus

Posted: 10 Jun 2020 00:16
by Nerull
What about other specials that doesn't stun? Would that work? Like, if you cant stun somebody, then maybe the special could use an alternative routine to inflict damage instead (so the special isnt wasted)?

Re: plexus

Posted: 10 Jun 2020 03:07
by Arman
The Dragon Order is in dire need of transitioning over to the standardised combat system. It is the last occupational fighter guild not transitioned.

Ckrik is the wizard leading the transition recode. RL has restricted his ability to progress the recode as far as he'd like over the last few years... however I am hesitant to have someone jump in and make wholesale changes without his blessings. I'd be happy to look at it post-magic system (with Ckrik's blessings) and push through a preliminary transition that Ckrik can build from.

But thematically I don't think a monk class should require the use of shields to be viable.

Re: plexus

Posted: 10 Jun 2020 08:03
by Mim
gold bezie wrote:
09 Jun 2020 21:39
but do want to go for a 'real' guild, unlike mercs.
Now what the....? :)

sorry Mim

Posted: 10 Jun 2020 08:08
by gold bezie
Thanks Nerull and Arman.
Nerull your idea would work and we would not have to give up on stunning.
Arman i know how busy Ckrik is and how he always does his best to answer our questions. And we all agree real life comes first. So i try to leave him alone as much as i can :)
If he would be okay with you taking over from him for a while so you can build on his idea s until he has time, i would love that.

Yeah i know most people can see monks without the two shields... personally i really dont understand why, other than the idea 'it has always been like this' . I see monks fighting style more like martial arts, when i look at the forms. And people in our guild have lots of idea's about this, but that is another subject.

thanks all for at least listening and thinking about solutions.

And sorry Mim :oops:

Re: plexus

Posted: 10 Jun 2020 10:17
by Amberlee
Monks without shields would be awesome.
Perhaps even give them a thematic weapon such as polearms, like the old monks had.

Re: plexus

Posted: 10 Jun 2020 12:34
by Arman
Amberlee wrote:
10 Jun 2020 10:17
Monks without shields would be awesome.
Perhaps even give them a thematic weapon such as polearms, like the old monks had.
I loved the Kahedans. I don't need much of an excuse to bring the axe kick back!! ;)

Re: plexus

Posted: 10 Jun 2020 13:09
by OgreToyBoy
Most important to appease all layman members. :idea: