Brainstorming alternatives to guild power transfer

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Re: Brainstorming alternatives to guild power transfer

Post by nils » 17 Mar 2020 16:09

Please discuss the faults and benefits somewhere else. You'll just spam out the interesting stuff.

Mods? Please?
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Re: Brainstorming alternatives to guild power transfer

Post by Cherek » 18 Mar 2020 12:18

Everyone: Please try to respect the topic poster's wishes that this should be a thread for posting ideas, not criticizing or feedbacking on other ideas. None of you is directly breaking any forum rules, however, I do tend to moderate threads that stray too much off topic, and the poster of this thread (Nils) clearly stated that this topic shuld not be about discussing ideas, but rather to simply post your own. It's easy to just start another thread to discuss the ideas found here, and everyone will be happy.

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Re: Brainstorming alternatives to guild power transfer

Post by Thalric » 18 Mar 2020 18:00

A reason to get more of this, change of guild power... would be to go the opposite way of all the "free joining".
That each guild has to have processes for new members to go through to become a member of said guild. Something hardcoded that leader(s) have to deal with.
I know this can be avoided or disregarded by just accepting all, and have the work done in a moment, but it would also make it possible to screen new members in all guilds, making a bit more certain that said individual fits in.

Another would be to have a system somehow counting guild interaction.
Speaking to other members of the same guild. And not just 1 other member. You get 1 point for each sentence said to another guild member every X time, and the amount for each talk is multiplied by how many you've talked to.
player 1, 2, 3 and 4. (AA, to use Nils' guild)
1 and 2 say 100 things to each other in a day = 100 points each
1 and 3 say 100 things to each other in a day = 100 points each
Because 1 have talked to two members, his point for each member is doubled. So one now has 400 points
2 and 4 say 50 things to each other = 50 points each
2 now talked to two members, his points would be 100 x 2 + 50 x 2 = 300 points

How to make it, no idea. But that would require a lot of guild interaction. You could of course also play this system, stand in a room and say things, or talk 10000 things to 1 other, and then go say something to 2 others. But I don't think any system will be non-abusable.

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Re: Brainstorming alternatives to guild power transfer

Post by Redblade » 11 Aug 2020 18:44

nils wrote:
10 Mar 2020 20:59
This thread is supposed to bring 'fresh' new ways of ensuring active leadership and/or councils...
Free elections
We know this one from the real world, pretty sure it's called democracy. At certain intervals (3, 6 or 12 months) there is an election. All members vote equally, whoever gets the most votes are elected leader. Said leader may appoint his or her council. Potential leaders must lobby for votes through whatever tactic they desire. It can get dirty, but so's the world.
This is actually not a new idea - it in fact exists within Genesis itself and it works rather well, I would reckon. Rangers elect their leaders democratically for a set time period.

A thought on the power transfer: it should still correspond with the guild's roleplay - some guilds work well with "kill the leader", some with elections. The solution should differ from guild to guild and that's quite alright. Perhaps we can then brainstorm ideas on power transfer within a certain specific guild on your mind?
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