Minstrel recode

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Minstrel recode

Post by Mim » 27 Mar 2020 10:48


The recode of Minstrels is launched since some months.
Some new and fresh songs. Skills moved over to our current spell-system etc
The main concept is still intact though, for which I'm glad.
The guild halls, instruments etc is all the same it always was.

What you did not perhaps know is this:

Finally, a Performers Club has been opened at the instrument repairer
for non-Minstrels. This will allow other players access to the
new performance functionality... mindful that they will never compete
in performance skill or ability as a true Minstrel! They will be able
to create and perform Mundanes, so will be able to compete in popularity
with you Minstrels in the Top 20 Mundane Chart.

So come to our guild and sign up to be a performer.
And perform out in the lands!!!


PS I'm testing some intresting things about a new cool song we have.
More about that later.....
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