New Official Client Unveiled for Testing!

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Re: New Official Client Unveiled for Testing!

Post by Laurel » 29 Aug 2013 14:27

By the way - mistakes in the map should be reported with "bug/typo map"?

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Re: New Official Client Unveiled for Testing!

Post by Avatar » 29 Aug 2013 15:09

eowul wrote:
avatar wrote:Testing it out now, and it actually lets me connect from work :)

Thing looks very good, but the map section doesn't seem to work. It is supposed to automap or something, or did I misunderstand that feature?
It's the magic map from in game, so you will need to be in a magic map supported area. I would suggest leaving your guild :)
Ah, I see. Dunno if poor avvie dares leave the safe and cozy halls after so many a year ;)
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Re: New Official Client Unveiled for Testing!

Post by Nomm » 31 Aug 2013 16:54

Could it not be possible to have the client check if you are a wizard or not when you try to use ;?

I also wonder, is there a way to have the client sent repeatable commands, such as #18 e, to walk east 18 times?

I think the client is fantastic, I love the way the magical map is used, great work.

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