Web Client aliases do not load if they contain % sign

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Web Client aliases do not load if they contain % sign

Post by kelrhys » 23 Oct 2017 22:59

Hi Genesis admins and fans :)

I have been running into problems with aliases on the web client, and have tracked
it down to printing certain special characters, specifically a % sign:

Pattern: testpercent

Execute the following javascript:
gwc.output.append("This alias won't load because it has a % in it!");

It will run just fine after I create it, but if I linkdie or quit and then relogin
the alias is not loaded:

Loaded user data
Loaded 89 triggers (87 enabled)
Loaded 138 aliases (119 enabled)

Or if it is a multi-line alias, it will load but some of the lines will be missing
(including the one with the percent sign)

I am not a web programming expert, but Mallor suggested to wrap the save
aliases/triggers request in encodeURI.


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