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Post by Zhar » 13 Sep 2019 21:51

I've recently met a player in the realms who is a blind user. They complained that they need to use the screen-reader software which hangs up and bugs out when having to deal with output from the client.

Not something that can be addressed immediately but something to maybe think of in the future as this requires some very specialized knowledge. Might ask some of my blind friends to try out different things. Maybe stuff like VipMud (which, unfortunately, isn't free). Might also think about maybe including Mud Sound Protocl (MSP) into the game.

Just some food for thought as I think this is an interesting topic in and of itself (like all those cool new magic maps being pretty much useless for blind users).

If any of you have some blind friends, please urge them to test the game even if just for a bit. Any additional feedback would be helpful. Perhaps some in-game messages could be streamlined and stuff like that as an intermediate fix.
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