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Known Issues

Post by Eowul » 20 Aug 2013 20:13

Older android phones do not work
Unfortunately the browser on those phones does not support websockets, which is needed for us to actually connect to the game. There is no workaround for this other then adding an (inferior) alternative to websockets, which is not on our roadmap at the moment

Layout problems
Problems with Opera on Windows and Firefox on Windows 7

Not all speech shows up in the communication window
Unfortunately not all NPCs use the appropriate say command to 'say' things, but rather use an emote. Those will likely never show up in the communication window, guild communication on the other hand requires adjustments of the guild commands which will be done guild by guild once we are notified of the need to include the guild speech of that guild.
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Re: Known Issues

Post by Mercade » 14 Mar 2015 11:30

Mana bar is not updating correctly for some guilds
Some guilds are using a different mana pool than the standard game (smaller, but with a quicker regeneration). In the GMCP messaging this is not correctly managed at present.