Portability of triggers/aliases

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Re: Portability of triggers/aliases

Post by Aimee » 13 Sep 2013 17:02


I can't seem to create even a simple trigger in the new official client. I'm trying to fire on:

The forge's heat subsides a little.

and have it pump the bellow for me. Not that I'm not watching, just that I miss it sometimes. It won't work!

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Re: Portability of triggers/aliases

Post by Snowrose » 20 Sep 2013 04:25

i don't think many people will blame you for needing a forging trig one reason i just went gardeners is it seemed soo tedious to do without some triggers. my main trigger just did a bunch of appraises checked my tiredness and loaded my item into saddlebag then counted remaining mats when done so i could evaluate how well i was doing and no worry bout being overloaded, herbing is so much more exciting <_<

i might have stayed on if there was like a forge chat or access to board or something social we could do while forging. but most people id run into in forgers were not all there. possibly just looking at help commands or working on aliases.

but yeah i was having a lot of issues with alias wildcards myself simple stuff like comp sword -> compare first sword with second sword, maybe we can have a specific share you favorate alias and trigger thread. and the best ones can be avaible to client from a list.

also id love to see a trigger that colors your ready to special again lines red or you smell an herb lines green

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