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Only include player speech in communication window? 

Remove Non-Player Characters' speech from the communication window
Yes, there is too much spam. 67%  67%  [ 31 ]
No, seeing NPC speech in chat box is useful. 15%  15%  [ 7 ]
There is a better solution. 17%  17%  [ 8 ]
Who cares? 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Total votes : 46

Only include player speech in communication window? 
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Mayobe wrote:
Vlek, do you think you could calm down a little?

Or a lot?

Dont confuse him with me. He is so calm I thought I was at a rave with a DJ playing Ravi Shankar double step while passing a Cheech and Chong neon frisbee my way.

Here? *cough* *cough*

Mellow yellow and see ya fellow, not that it is a ello.


11 Mar 2016 07:21
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Heh. Sorry Vlek, Genesis is all about holding on to ideals that are more than two decades old. :-)

The idea that we don't reveal info that isn't made explicit in the game itself via GMCP cues is something we agreed upon from the start, as Cotillion mentioned. So, your suggestion will not be something we choose to implement.

You do seem to be getting a bit exasperated, and I'm sorry if this value of ours is frustrating for you.


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11 Mar 2016 07:34
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cotillion wrote:
I could add an option to filter out messages from livings you have not been introduced to.

In my oppinion it is the best sollution that will solve a lot of problems with to much speaking npc's.

But I have one question Cotillion. Does turn on such a function mean that if any player who I didn't introduce to say something to me I will not see it at all, or only in communication window of java client?

11 Mar 2016 12:55
I have made a change to almost all monsters in Krynn. The days of being called a scum by everything from wolves to puddings to gnomes are over.

Consequently, the amount of spam being generated should be much reduced. This may take some time to refresh throughout the domain, but if you see other areas of great spam, post them, and we'll take a look. If it's Krynn, I can fix for sure.

11 Mar 2016 14:03
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I think ogres in Sybarus caves are the most talkative npcs I know.

End of course Mortis, many many thanks for your effords so far.

11 Mar 2016 14:17
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I remember orc the amount of chatter in the orc temple being overwhelming. The orcs in SF camp are out of control.

The camp ones are on triggers, but they're in groups of three and each one of them gives two lines when you enter the room. Collapsing that to one line (even with the same text) would be nice, but ideally it would also be only one of them shouting instead or just have the room/an invisible do the shout something like "The watching orcs shout out: blah blah ". The behavior is fine, but the verbosity is a bit much.

11 Mar 2016 23:26
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gorboth wrote:
You do seem to be getting a bit exasperated, and I'm sorry if this value of ours is frustrating for you.

I've literally been asking about this and other related things [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] for literally almost a year now. I have been waiting for a response to my requests for what I thought was common sense updates to the GMCP protocol and webclient. It's a huge letdown that I've been waiting for these updates to continue playing only to finally hear about it when someone that's incapable of using a forum search essentially asks a repeat question, gets a quick answer, and the only solution that makes sense gets shot down. I guess I should say thanks. I don't have to wait any longer.

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12 Mar 2016 03:31
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cotillion wrote:
Unfortunately solving this requires violation of a rule put in place when the web client work started.
A client user may not receive information which is unavailable to a telnet user.

As it's not obvious over telnet who's a player and who's not this information should not be presented over GMCP either.
I could add an option to filter out messages from livings you have not been introduced to.

Having this be an option like gagmisses seems like a better solution than none. Especially if it could be toggled on and off to cut down general combat spam. Main problems in my mind are 1) people may forget to turn the option off creating an ignore effect, 2) could negatively affect player-interaction if you run into another unintroduced player while grinding.

It has the added benefit of cutting down general screen spam. Personally, I say go for it as an option, or else something similar to Gorboth's suggestion.

14 Mar 2016 15:55
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ok so i have a dumb question.
Like Ydred i used gag in zmud to hide any npc spam I wanted to.

Can we script anything in the client that looks in the chat's window and removes the line if it matches the pattern in a trigger?

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30 Apr 2017 19:24

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There should be a command that filters communication to only player speech.

21 Jan 2018 20:13
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