Recent new steed changes-- comments and suggestion

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Recent new steed changes-- comments and suggestion

Post by Maisey » 27 Jul 2017 22:38

1. I have been gone for a few months, meanwhile ponies have gotten terribly finicky. They don't like to go a lot of places. Used to be in that case I would auto-dismount and pony would follow. However now I have to re-try my movement attempt (sometimes once, sometimes twice!) this means I get left behind in a team. And when not teaming walking can be terrible slow when "s, s, s" gets me just "s."

2. I have also noted that mounts in general (aka game-wide) have been changed so that one sees the mount first, and the rider second. I suppose this is for realism. However it makes it very hard to see what is going on in a team. I have been in a team twice now where the party thought we had lost someone who was actually present-- due to the mount showing first. For me that lessened realism. Regarding that, in old westerns every cowboy knows that the danger is from the rider, not the mount-- so even from afar one first focuses to see what kind of rider is atop a mount before focusing on the steed.

3. That said-- if anyone is tinkering with steeds in general-- it would be great if the standardly rented ponies could be trained to come at a whistle.

*smile hopefully*


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