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Howdy Hey Hey

Post by Shanoga » 28 Oct 2018 19:33

Hey all,

I've been playing Genesis off and on for about 15 years, maybe a little more. I first started in high school because my closest friend's former youth pastor was playing a Ranger and we were Tolkien fans. We rolled up a couple of hobbits and I foolishly named mine my real life first and last name... I remember a few weeks in when a wizard randomly appeared in front of me at the docks at Grey Havens and offered to help me change my name, which I did. I didn't know what wizards were at the time, but was instantly fascinated by them. I played that character for about a year, maybe a little more? Got in trouble for using up the phone line by playing on our dial-up at home for loooong stretches of time. Eventually stopped playing because of lack of free time and far outgrowing my friends who didn't want ti play as much.

Fast forward to now and I have played 4-5 different characters over the years and finally decided it was time to try and put what coding knowledge I have into trying to make the game better for all players. I joined the wiz team about a year ago and just recently joined the Events team. I am on Discord all the time, although really just lurking in the code channel to help how I can there.

Always glad to see new people coming in and old souls still enjoying new and long-standing content. So...welcome to Genesis! I hope you, no matter who are are), stay a while. :)

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