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Re: New Player Experience

Post by Drip » 07 Mar 2015 02:07

It's fun getting lost!-when there is the <home> command...
I just put a map on one half of my screen.
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Re: New Player Experience

Post by Iris » 12 Mar 2015 18:10

Arman wrote:Question for some of the newer arrivals... the magic map is something that didn't exist in the original versions of Genesis. You've probably noticed that once you leave the starter areas the maps start to vanish. How much of an issue is that for you guys? Does it make you want to avoid this areas as you don't like running around "blind"?
When i was a bit smaller i seriously didnt like the places without the magic map and i dont remember how many times i used "home" for that situations. There are still realms i havent had even a walk because i dont want to get lost. As i get little more experienced, i am not that afraid to go but still pay a lot of attention which way i go. Oh, well, i still prefer the places with the magic map glowing, no lies ;)
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Re: New Player Experience

Post by Zhar » 13 Mar 2015 00:15

Stomax wrote: Idling - I struggle a bit with this one too. In my short time playing there have been times when real life gets in the way and I need to step out for 30-60 mins. It would be good if you could do something like go to the academy and do some deep meditation or something that would buy you some time. During that time you could stop the clock on my play time, fine with me, but if I could wake from it and continue on and know my character was safe while I was away it would be great. Getting in and out of the game as a newb with not a lot of cash and selling your gear for pennies on the dollar, or copper on the golds, is tough. I have tried to keep my character alive in game by running by the computer ever once and a while and hitting enter to look at the room again but always fearful I would come back to find myself dead or robbed of everything. Now, I just don't bother playing sometimes if I know I only have a little time.
I think that there should simply be more info added on that during the tutorial. As it is, as long as you haven't been in combat recently you can simply quit your client (go linkdead) and your character will "disappear" from the game. If you come back before certain amount of time passes (2 hours if I'm not mistaken) your character will "reappear" where you went linkdead.

If you were in combat recently you'll need to wait for a few minutes before you can safely go linkdead, otherwise your character will stand there for those few minutes before disappearing.

Another way to alleviate this problem is leaving your character in safe places, like the Sparkle church, where people can't attack you.

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Re: New Player Experience

Post by Azuri » 23 Dec 2015 10:23

I think an optional role play tutorial would help, the emote list is long as is the adverbs.

I'm new to the game and still learning all the emote syntaxes, and it would help if the website had a list. Alot of ppl I met play mud for the higher degree of rp you find in MUD community, and I think a rp centered tutorial could help foster basic rp with newbie.

Jumping in the game and going through all the emote can be time consuming and in a few cases I found myself in rp situations and didn't know how to respond the way my character would.

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