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Author:  glantri [ 17 Nov 2016 23:18 ]
Post subject:  Shadow Genesis

I am the administrator of the Genesis Shadow. I am accepting submissions where noted:

Author:  Zhar [ 18 Nov 2016 00:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Shadow Genesis

I have an aversion to wordpress...

Edit: And you haven't even credited people who originally created some of that content...

Like all the maps that have been originally posted on thecrossbearercorporation and now reside on otyglad.

Also, did you come up with the quest solutions yourself? Because they look awfully similar to the ones that have been circulating around for some time.
Also, did you ask Genesis admin staff if it's OK to do this?

Author:  Kitriana [ 18 Nov 2016 00:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Shadow Genesis

Love the idea. Good effort!

Author:  Melarec [ 18 Nov 2016 00:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Shadow Genesis

Seems shady to me..

No, this looks good! It could be really useful. Like a Wiki, but not..

Author:  Kvator [ 18 Nov 2016 01:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Shadow Genesis

Zhar wrote:
Also, did you ask Genesis admin staff if it's OK to do this?

what Genesis admin staff have to do with 'fan-sites'? (except for being happy that they're popping up and keeping fingers crossed for next ones)

Author:  Ody [ 18 Nov 2016 01:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Shadow Genesis

Kvator wrote:
Zhar wrote:
Also, did you ask Genesis admin staff if it's OK to do this?

what Genesis admin staff have to do with 'fan-sites'? (except for being happy that they're popping up and keeping fingers crossed for next ones)

At the very most courtesy. As you point out, not much can be done about "fan-sites." This isn't even the only one in existence. Interesting stuff.

Author:  Cherek [ 18 Nov 2016 02:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Shadow Genesis

The Genesis Admin thinks it's awesome we have dedicated players who likes the game so much that they want to create websites related to Genesis. Back in the peak days there were plenty of Genesis-related websites, and now when we're gaining players again, they are popping up again, which is a great sign.

As for crediting other peoples work, well that's up to the creator of the sites, nothing we, the admin, can or should have an opinion about. If people used large parts of the graphics from our webpage, or made it seems like they are the official webpage, or something like that, we might have an opinion, but from the sites that's been popping up lately that does not seem to be the case at all.

So in short, the more people spread the word about our game, the better. You definitely do not have to ask us first if you want to make your own fan page/guide page/guild page/map page etc. That's none of our business.:)

Author:  Drazson [ 18 Nov 2016 03:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Shadow Genesis

"How to master Genesis MUD. All secrets revealed." Oh well, and I thought the thing that made Genesis a thing was its damn secrets!

Rant first, think later: I am not sure about this because I cannot understand which kind of player it is supposed to help out. Newbies should really not be let to know so much information about the game at once. Like maps and quest solutions? Because they can't find the freaking lemon for Nikolon? How are they supposed to see Genesis as something else than just a grind after such a start? Aren't they supposed to explore and learn their way around at least a little before they realize there is a way to skip some frustrating situations where they get lost? Also, credits should be indeed given.

Overall, not sure what the point of the site is.

• Gear and Leveling guides, walkthroughs, maps are things that someone should realize they exist after spending at least 10 or so in game days. By then one will have learned how to search for what he/she wants to find. I believe that if this link spreads to newbies it will ruin many new players' mentality about the game.
• Beggining tips actually includes a few tips about how basic concepts of the game work and then is all walkthrough and gear guide. So the idea is to actually do away with the tutorial? The tutorial screamed "im an awesome game, love me", damnit. Why take this away? If some things are missing from it, like explaining how stats go up, or which stats actually help with what, then adding those information in a new sign somewhere in the tutorial is the way to go, not making a walkthrough of the whole tutorial. Same thing with races which I think is pretty much explained in the tutorial as well.
• About guilds, is the information supposed to be something more than what the official site is providing with? If yes then oh my god someone hack that guy he is gonna spoil everything. If not, then isn't it superfluous given that there is the official site for that?

Author:  Cherek [ 18 Nov 2016 04:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Shadow Genesis

Drazson, not sure who you directed your post towards, but if at least some of it was towards me:

The Genesis wizards can't monitor or control what information people spread on websites, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, iRL etc. I am glad we have people who like to talk about Genesis, and this is far from the first, and hopefully not the last, website about Genesis. We used to have a lot of these type of websites in the past, and to me it was a sign of a healthy game with a living community. That they have started to pop up again proves the game is attracting enough attention to warrant people talking about it. And also, the more links and mentions about Genesis on the web, the better we will rank on Google and on Chrome for example.

If we were somehow to try to combat or forbid this, I believe we would be dooming ourselves, or at least seriously hindering our growth. That people create webpages and talk about our game with their friends is GOOD. But of course, you're allowed to feel differently. I think it's great.

Author:  Drazson [ 18 Nov 2016 05:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Shadow Genesis

Cherek wrote:
Drazson, not sure who you directed your post towards, but if at least some of it was towards me:

Nay, just had the site itself in mind when I posted. Anyway, it is nice how people are talking about the game and being interested, of course. Maybe I am the weirdo around!

I just can't understand the logic behind the all inclusive cheat sheet being available. Of course, at some point players are provided with some map sites for example, at their fellow players' discretion, or herb lists or idk what else. It's practical, I understand and I do it a lot as well.

That, though, is different from telling every new player "this is how the game works, plan out how to be the very best no one ever was, go grind those mobs which you will find *there* ("yeah I know you don't know what that "Grey Havens" place is but don't worry you don't have to, it is efficient so follow this path I noted down for you and kill them orcs"). Oh and those outrageously difficult lemon finding Nikolon quests go like this and this and uhm for gear go there for the best for your size *list "best equips by level" below*. I know I am exaggerating, but I am doing so to prove a point.

When I started the game I wanted to know everything as well (and I still barely stop myself from being indiscreet about stuff my character wouldn't be, like "how does one become a mage, they sound cool") but the community slowly taught me to instead like the fact that I don't know stuff and get to know the donut a bit at a time. You can't develop your character if you know everything right from the start, you just grind mortal levels. If you don't develop your character then you just don't roleplay and frankly there are games with graphics to do grinding.

My 2 grumpy yet good willed cents.

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