Awesome YouTube that features Genesis!

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Awesome YouTube that features Genesis!

Post by gorboth » 30 Aug 2018 22:56

Reading through the survey that new players complete, I learned about this wonderful YouTube video made by ZoominGames back in July. It is called "10 games we can't believe are still running today" and features some big name games. Guess which one is #10?
Genesis' frontpage from the website appears at the very beginning of the video briefly, and to see the short part that features us, you can skip to around 8:45 in the running time.

It really is amazing how all this stuff is starting to hit this year. We've been building and waiting for it to one day happen. All of a sudden, it all seems to start popping ... amazing and wonderful!

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Re: Awesome YouTube that features Genesis!

Post by Mim » 31 Aug 2018 17:45

gorboth wrote:Guess which one is #10?
My guess is Genesis! :)

Nr 5 is another game I played a LOT back when the world was young.

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