Non-combat OCC guilds

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Re: Non-combat OCC guilds

Post by Okotok » 18 Jun 2020 22:24

Zhabou had a really detailed post about cool ideas for a smiths-like guild. ... ery#p43055

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Re: Non-combat OCC guilds

Post by Taro » 28 Jun 2020 21:24

I would love to see guilds that allowed you to progress in new and interesting ways, but I do think there would have to be meaningful reason to want to join those guilds. For example - being a blacksmith and progressing to the point where you're this legendary blacksmith who can craft the most powerful items in the game would be a cool way to tell a new story with your character within Genesis. As long as what you can do with those guilds provides something meaningful for those power-players who love grinding and combat, there will be demand for them as well.

I think the main issue with guilds like this would be just balancing progression against the players who chose more traditional combat guilds.
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