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Re: 1 minute delay

Post by Shanoga » 26 Sep 2020 20:10

As a follow-up, I did some research on the history of short auctions and, frankly, auction bots don't seem to be a very common occurrence. I can say from experience that there have been cases when an auction is posted, I check for it immediately, and I don't see it. Then (since I have wiz powers, of course) I check the logs and it hasn't sold. So I check the list again and I just didn't see it the first time.

Feel free to update if you have some examples of items that are selling immediately and I can check to see if there is a problematic history. As discussed above, feel free to post your auctions without a buyout so it's a real auction and nobody can snipe it.

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Re: 1 minute delay

Post by Tarlok » 27 Sep 2020 02:09

It might be helpful to raise the min bid on auctions. Most start at 20 because after that deposit is required. If the item is magic or imbued, a higher threshold w/o deposit seems ok to me, perhaps 50. Also the increment between bids is too small. If I am bid warring someone for an item, the steps need to be larger... these seem like two significant issues that prevent people from running straight auctions and instead trying to guess max buyouts when listing items. Thanks!

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