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Post by Kvator » 28 Dec 2021 15:32

Sooo just got an idea a while ago

Why not add standard gnome racial stuff into krynn race guild and change Gnomish Inventors into proper layman guild with inventions that actually boost ur combat (and non-cobat as well maybe) capabilities with things like (just a few quick examples):
- adding some mechanisms to weapons that will add special attack to these
- adding some enhancers to armours so it can boost you in some way (adding speed, etc)
- some potions (gnomes were good with alchemy afaik) that can remove fatigue for some time, remove poisons etc

all (except for maybe some minor boosters) usable only by inventors themselves

to make things more spicy there could be some % chance (srtonger the 'augment' higher the %) of malfunction (weapon mechanism can hit you instead of your target, can get stuck for some time etc, potion can give opposite effect etc.)

- gnomes are probably the rarest race in Genesis atm -> that could be a good attempt to make them a bit more popular
- that guild sounds fun (imho)
- it's quite different from what we have atm
- guild 'house' is already there (less coding!)

- standard one (need a wizard to code it)
- it will be a bit outside of current fighter-mage-thief-ranger it can create some balancing issues -> but hey! Vamps made it through the AoB recently so it shouldn't be a big problem xD

any opinions? :P

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