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"Retired" Guild status

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 17:06
by Tarax the Terrible
You hear every now and then of guilds having a purge of their inactive members.
This has a few benefits I suppose, but could loose people loyal to the guild who are just on a break.

I guess it would suck being away for a long time to come back and find yourself guildless.

How about guild leaders or perhaps the guild code automatically can retire people who haven't been around for a certain time.
What that may give them is restricted access to boards, equipment rooms, specials etc etc.
And they could be instated at old lvl of guild exp if they return to active duty, or perhaps reduced laving penalty
if they come back after long break and want to try something different.

What is the benefit.
You could use this in a guild like AA to park your account and not take up a rank someone else might be struggling to reach.
Well someone could be away so long they are unknown to the active population. So that someone has to get to
meet them to get going again.
Or if someone only logs in to read boards and check what equipment you have you could limit them from doing that until they play a more active part.
Without being so harsh as to kick them out.

Voluntary retirment could be reversed by the player.
Forced retirement could be reversed by guild leaders.
Or maybe by being active enough system would reverse it for you.

Re: "Retired" Guild status

Posted: 29 Jun 2010 18:28
by Rhaegar
This idea gets two thumbs up from me. Needs a bit of refinement/specifics though.