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Newbie board.

Post by Alorrana » 08 Feb 2011 20:28

Say, as a newbie you stuck when leaving the newbie area, and you wonder what to do what to do. If they had a "nboard" command. A board where the players could suggest to they newbies, hints and where to go, nothing that could be abused because the wizards could easily check it. but then they could just nboard to see a sorta newbie board, where players can tell them where to go and wich quests they suggest, so we can get out newbies around and just not standing in sparkle and yelling for help, not that they often do, but this would help them alot, to see other people actually come up with help to newbies, and not just wizards to inforce the help. (not that it only is) but again just as a further help to newbies.

Like this.

Hello this is the newbieboard where players can add information to help youngsters.
1 quests for beginners to wanderes.
2 quests for wanderes to Great adventures.
3 weapons for newbies, how and where to get em.
4 food, inns, shops, drinks, booze.
5 healing and combatting hints..

ect ect ect. so the wizards wouldnt have to make the quest guides, but they could be
made by the hard core questers, and spit in a bit of RP from the character who writes
the note, and it could be quite fun to read and post ideas on.

Adios ! :)
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