Bringing old players back?

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Bringing old players back?

Post by Lindros » 09 Feb 2011 17:56

Hey folks,

with a few old players returning to activety again I thought I'd bring up a discussion about it.

While getting new players is all fine and dandy, lets get realistic, odds of us attracting heaps of new younger players are not that great, with all the online games around a good old text based game just aint that much fun to most people.

So lets try to focus on trying to get some of the old players back instead!

What can we do to get these people back ? I am sure we all got a bunch of old Gen
players on msn/facebook/icq etc who we talk to now and then, question most people
ask me is "You still playing Gen?" "Anything new going on?"
So there's an intrest from these people in the game still, they just need to get a bump to get
back to gaming again, question is how do we do that ?

Recodes are one way, it they have indeed made some people returned, but I think there's smaller things we can do get some more of these old foogeys back!

Some thoughts I think that could help bring people back, bring back the fun of the old days, where a death did not make you want to leave the game.

Sure death recovery helped make people worry less about death, but lets be realistic for most of us gaming hours a day for 2-3 months to recover a death is still something that takes away from the fun of playing.

One solution was the time based recovery that was brought up in the past, where you'd get a say 60 or 90 day "recovery" period, if you logged in regulary for that time you'd get a small boost in recovery per login(once a day)and at the end of the recovery you'd be fully recovered without having to grind and grind. Also if I remember right, the idea was that if you grinded as well during this period your recovery would go even quicker. Which I think would be a good idea.

Another issue that I heard people complain about is how they aren't happy in their guilds and thats a big reason why they just fade away, they dont have the will/time to spend months of recovery just to switch to a new guild. So my suggestion is, either cut the penalties for leaving a guild in half or remove them completely(or introduce the earlier mentioned time based recovery).
That way I think we'd see some more old players returning, if they could return and switch guilds without having to take a huge hit in stats,(cause lets face it its not much fun returning from years away to take a death just to be able to switch guilds).

Another way to make people have more fun, introduce a once a month "wiz-weekend" or something similar, were focus were not on conflicts and keeping up guild vs guild roleplay etc(unless you want too of course).

Maybe throw a once a month

* "new ability" like global rescue for a weekend to increase enteraction between smaller and larger players? Right now I at least feel that I cannot bring too small players with me cause I have no way of rescuing/switching tanks if they get attacked by mean foes.

* "global war weekend", where those who sign up are signed into 2 teams(or more depending on how many want to try it out)and get some features to track eachother/a domain to war in , and then keep track of kills and such info.

* "express way into a new guild weekend", where guilds would chill out a bit on the harsh and time demanding recruitment policies and do a quick evaluation of a player if he doesnt fail miserably, they get a chance to join their guild on a low level without having to spend months tasking etc. Of course this would have to be used carefully, but at the same time some guilds out they really do take themself waaaay too seriously ;)

Well those are just a few ideas that came to mind, I am sure theirs people out there who think they are all dumb, some might think them brilliant, but at least we're discussing things and maybe something can positive can come out of it?

Whats YOUR idea(s) to bring some old friends back to the game?

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Re: Bringing old players back?

Post by Cherek » 11 Feb 2011 06:27

I think the future of Genesis is truly new players though. And I cant see why it could not be done.

Having that said, there were a bunch of fun ideas there. I very much believe in getting PVP up and running again, and I also belive that the more "event"-style happenings we have, the better.

I personally think death penalty should be like a fantastic progress. Not more. I agree that people have become too afraid of it to actually pfight even if they wanted to. With a smaller death penalty we could also make block more useful so it actually would matter in a pfight.

If its too big of a change, then atleast make all PVP-deaths with a considerable smaller penalty.

Losing your EQ, behing humilated, and losing a fantastic prog is enough to make it annoying, but not something you would quit playing over. You might even try to get back at whoever killed you instead. And have fun doing it.

I would also add a general-Xp-boost reward for actually pkilling someone. Reward the winner, but dont punish the loser too much. Thats usually a good recipe for a fun game. Here we dont reward the winner, but we punish the loser ALOT. Not a good recipe for fun PVP. So we dont have any PVP anymore. And we need that, we need PVP, and politics. I think especially that would bring some old players back.

Thats what I would like to change mainly.

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Re: Bringing old players back?

Post by Booger » 11 Feb 2011 09:27

I'm not very interested in PvP, but I totally agree with you on the PvP part, Cherek. Small PvP-death penalty and bigger xp-reward for the winner, would probably do wonders for the whole PvP business.


Re: Bringing old players back?

Post by Laurel » 11 Feb 2011 10:25

Booger wrote:I'm not very interested in PvP, but I totally agree with you on the PvP part, Cherek. Small PvP-death penalty and bigger xp-reward for the winner, would probably do wonders for the whole PvP business.
yes - bullies would prefer to pkill for no reason over grinding ... again

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Re: Bringing old players back?

Post by Rhaegar » 11 Feb 2011 10:31

I'd rather see new players than old players.

And I still don't get people's fear of PvP. There are MUDs out there where you have limited number of lives and PvP is mandatory in some cases. And reaching higher levels can be as demanding as on Gen (although I don't think endless grind is so demanding, the quests? Sure, but even a person who hates questing should be able to do most of them during the time span of one week).
I guess that people are too fixated on stats and EQ this days.

Here's a way to encourage PvP while still catering to grinders and EQ hunters:
Give each magic item a very small chance of being a perma-saver (you heard it right). Such item would bound itself to the player who picks it up. It can't be sold, dropped, given etc. The only way to unbound it is to either put it into a special trash bin that destroys the item immediately or dying, then it gets bound to the first player to pick it up again.
The list of all perma-savers and their owners would be publicly available, making them a prime PK target.
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Re: Bringing old players back?

Post by Makfly » 11 Feb 2011 12:21

Now all we can do is guess what will work, and I can ofcourse only speak for myself, but I am not the future of Genesis.

I wholeheartedly believe, that betting on old players returning and lifting Genesis up to it's former glory, is living in the past. A past that was good, but also gone.

It is ofcourse paradoxical that I, as an old player, voice the opinion that the Admin should not cater and listen to old, entrenched players, since they are not the way to a brighter, more populous future for Genesis. But that is my honest opinion.

Before someone takes my post to an extreme, and pretend I suggest deleting current & old players or something silly like that, I'd like to stress that the game needs players, to introduce new players.
But what is good for old/current players is not necessarily what is good for the future of the game, therefore I implore the Admin to be careful where they place their focus and efforts. In that respect, this forum can be a distraction, that might not actually be helpful.
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Re: Bringing old players back?

Post by Avatar » 11 Feb 2011 12:49

Personally, I would like to get back into the game.

My problem is that, for me to have fun, I need people around to interact with. To scheme against. Fight alongside, talk to and so on. The game doesn't have that, as it is now.

I'm aware that I could help fix that problem a bit, by returning. But spending my limited time on not having fun, due to the above mentioned issue, is just not gonna happen.

So it's basically an evil circle.
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Re: Bringing old players back?

Post by Lindros » 11 Feb 2011 12:58

While I do think new players is what we need, I think we at the same time have to realise that a text based game isnt that appealing to the youngsters out there!

But sure we should try to bring in new players, it will help the game out, but at the same time, why not make a few changes and try to appeal to the old ones ?

Personally I think leaving a guild should not cost a full death, it should cost you some, but not that much. It leaves people feeling stuck in their guilds, while they might play if they joined a new guild and got new guildmates, I believe quite a few feel that its too much work to spend all their time in the new guild recovering.

I would say, make leaving a guild cost 1/3 of what it does today, it would ease things up a bit and I think we'd see some older players making comebacks and switching guilds.

Also I would say make pkill death cost 1/3 of what it does today, it would still take time to recover, but not the months of grinding it does today.

And I still think my ideas for event weekends with special "offers" could bring in some people to enjoy the good old fun time.
Doesn't have to be anything major, but I do think that a wizday weekend is way overdue! Let people enjoy the game for a weekend
without having to fear visiting Lars, let them focus on having fun and doing crazy things rather than spend all their time grinding and running from people who attack them.

Avatar, I agree with you, not having the same "click" of people to hang out with, scheme etc limits ones options when playing, and it kind of makes things dull. Personally I think the game is way too peaceful, whens the last time you heard of anyone being playerkilled?

In an era of the game where every guild seems to have truces/treaties with any possible enemy, I think we could actually benefit from loosing things up a bit, lowering penalty from playerkills could be a step to making the game into the intriguing backstabbing world we all loved back in the day ;)

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Re: Bringing old players back?

Post by Cherek » 11 Feb 2011 17:31

Laurel wrote: yes - bullies would prefer to pkill for no reason over grinding ... again
Exactly. Finally there would be some interaction.

And no. There has always been a way to stay out of pfights. Allthough many players have a habit of picking a warmongering guild and then complaining and whining when they get killed, threatening to stop playing etc.

For the most part not even the "big bullies" will touch neutral players in neutral guilds who make it clear they want no part of pfighting. You dont need an option or "flag" for that.

Oh btw, rangers dont suck that badly in PVP I think (if they even suck at all which I am not so sure), so it might even get you playing. Going around bully-disarming people.:)

Avatar: It is actually possible to meet people and have fun and interact with, its just that you have to actively seek them out which you usually didnt have to do in the past. And you gotta pick the few ones who are awake with you of course. Not many options.

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Re: Bringing old players back?

Post by Alorrana » 11 Feb 2011 20:16

I dont think anyone will Start killing for the sake of killing. I know If there is A newbie killer people nomatter guild relations will gang up and kill the prick over and over and over again, Fade Mim And I killed one i recal. and back then we didnt team, But we knew it was wrong for a person to kill newbies. Thats why I think it will be upholded.

But I dont like the fact that we want to run around fighting with the few numbers we are.. Its more personal grudges over eq, and not really guild wars that will be fought.

Wars take alot of people, not 3 vs 4. Im all in for the PvP and all, but i would rather see the playerbase grow before we launch wars. insted of the current, Hero vs titan. Hero looses, Myth shows up, Destroys titan, titan gets pissed cause biggest fella he knows is a Legend, never get a chance to get back, cause hes mates are heroes aswell and then he will stop playing... ect ect.. thats what we have today.

Also see the monks after Nerf of injustice, again guild gets PUMMELED and people think what the bloody hell.. oh well i can grow bigger and cooler on wow, oblivion or what ever els and they leave... Watch with those nerf hammers..

Bringing back old players. Sure, But i wouldnt want some relic from the past comming on to genesis and stats killing all and everyone on sight because he she was a great p fighter in the past. Would spoil even more than it would do good. I too hope the future is with new players. The old ones are more than welcome, but remember, there was some serious Newbie killers back then and totally idiots. Do we want them back, people with grudges to genesis..?

Oh well... Lets see how it turns out, Help a newbie a day, makes the grudge go away :)
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