Bringing old players back?

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Re: Bringing old players back?

Post by Cherek » 11 Feb 2011 20:35

Oh yes, we need more players to have politics and guild wars. Clearly. I dont think much will get the current playerbase into a killing spree even if the penalty was zero. Its just not that type of community right now.

But I do think if we had more players that an active PvP would be important. Politics, wars and schemes would be something that would keep people interested.

I always felt the player controlled politics, conflicts and alliances was one of the key things that got me hooked in the first place. And its no big secret Genesis peaked at a time when these things played an important part. Of course, times were different too, but still. An active social world makes players return, a singleplayer game thats mostly about getting stats wont attract as many, I am sure.

A "live" world where things happen and changes is key to success. Obviously we would need to somehow atleast double the current playerbase first, and that has to be done with mainly new players I think. Then perhaps a bunch of old ones will return once they see the world is more alive again.

Avatar said it perfectly. "I want to play, but the lack of players makes me not play". Thus adding to the initial problem. The opposite would also work. We could get into a positive spiral, where more players attracts more players, instead of a negative one as it is now.

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