Player-owned shops

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Player-owned shops

Post by Rhaegar » 09 Feb 2011 23:20

I'll try to make it as clear and simple as possible.

1. You can pay 500pc to get your own shop.
2. The shop is placed in a special area in Sparkle, there's basically a <market> exit which brings you to the area where you can go in all directions.
In each room you can <enter shopname>, there are 2-3 shops/room.
3. The shop costs 100pc as a monthly fee to operate (you can pay for several months in advance)
4. Changing shop name (default is 'Player's Shop') costs extra.
5. Changing interior description costs extra.
6. There's a possibility of buying additional stuff for the shop like furniture and the like (costs extra).
7. Everyone can <place order>, entering a mail-like system where he leaves the order details, shop owner is notified by simple mail 'There is new order waiting for you at the shop'.
8. Shop owner can <review> and <accept> or <decline> orders. Order placer is likewise notified by mail.
9. After order is completed the shop owner can leave it at the shop and order placer can <collect> the order at the price agreed upon.


Code: Select all

> market
You enter the market.

You are standing in a small street in the market. People are hurrying along after their business.
You can see Rhaegar's Herbiary and Tive's Ubershop here.
The market continues to the north.

> enter rhaegar's herbiary
You step into Rhaegar's Herbiary.

You find yourself in a cozy little shop. There are shelves with various jars, boxes, flowerpots and dried plants on them.
There's a strong herbal scent in the air. You notice a large wooden counter in the corner.

> exa counter
This is the shop's counter, you can <place order> here or <collect order> that has been completed.

> place order
[1]Hi there!
[2]I would like to order a gazillion of healing herbs and three bazillions of mana herbs.
[3]I shall pay you 500pc for that.
[4] - Teh orderer
Your order has been placed and shop owner notified.
It's a money sink.
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Re: Player-owned shops

Post by Tive » 10 Feb 2011 00:11

You have been smoking again?

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Re: Player-owned shops

Post by Rhaegar » 10 Feb 2011 01:44

I'm always smoking (cigarettes and pipe that is) :)
I fear no evil for I am fear incarnate.

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Re: Player-owned shops

Post by Johnny » 10 Feb 2011 03:13

Ah the pipe :) very good choice. But as for the shops it's nifty idea and I could see this be implemented later on in the future but how about it goes along with the rich men's club? Where you have to become a rich man and then have to have a certain rich men's title so it is a greater money sink.

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Re: Player-owned shops

Post by Avatar » 10 Feb 2011 10:16

Rhaegar wrote:I'm always smoking (cigarettes and pipe that is) :)

Must be the crack pipe. ;)
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