Another Death idea thread.

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Another Death idea thread.

Post by Arcon » 03 Jul 2011 11:58

Consider a death that affects everyone equally, no matter if you are a super grinding myth or a roleplaying wanderer. A death that you can´t use to raise guild xp to an insane amount in a short time. And one that actually makes sense, we don't really die so why do we still call it "death" or tea with Lars or any other thing?

Remember, this is just a first draft of an idea, I am sure it has a lot of drawbacks, but lets just consider this idea for a while.

You don't die, you get hit unconsious and severly wounded(no xp penalty no recovery!!!). You break an arm or a leg or your skull. Each wound gives a severe drawback for the time it will take to heal. You break your left arm you cannot wield anything in that had nor hit with it or use any shield. You are stuck with your right hand. You break a leg you loose a lot in dex and you get tired faster since you jump around on one leg. You wound is in the head your mental capacity lowers and so do your skills that "uses" you head and or mind, awareness, language, location sense, tracking any magic skill etc etc. The wounds should affect skills as well, you break a leg or an arm you will not be able to swim or climb very well. Of course the wounds will need to be balanced between themselves.

You will be able to have more than one wound at the time, it would suck to have both arms broken or both legs.(as I said it will need to be balanced).

Everyone would have the wounds for the same amount of time, lets say 2 months. Time based wounds means that you will heal from them even if all you do is roleplay or pick herbs. Since you don't loose any size (the possible stat penalties will go away when the wound has healed. Maybe it would be possible to make the wounds heal slowly so you notice you can use your broken left arm a bit more each day).

This will also take away the most annoying thing with death, you gain on suicide if you join a new guild.

Many grinders will think that this would "punish" them since they can recover so fast, but it won't. This is a game for grinders and this will even out one of many things between the different types of players.
Others will say that death is there to slow down palyer size, has it worked with the recovery? Most of the big people are very good at grinding and they don't get so affected as someone that do not grind. So death don't really lower player size.

Lets discuss this idea. I kind of like the idea of it. I don't need to grind if I "die" but I get a heavy penalty for a while. I can wait it out and be fully healed or I can just keep on going with my wounds which just makes me less capable. People can limp around and roleplay all they want to, telling the story how they attacked the Balrog, and they still will recover from their wounds. And no more super fast guild xp.

Edit: Details should have to be balanced and considered, a newbie shouldn't have a useless arm for 2 months etc. Please don't flame the details.


Re: Another Death idea thread.

Post by Laurel » 03 Jul 2011 13:00



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Re: Another Death idea thread.

Post by Iliana » 03 Jul 2011 13:23

Laurel - Isn't that Gorboth's line?

Arcon - I actually like this idea, but then again I am only a titan and as I have recently learned, four times over, I can recover Iliana from a death with a few days of grinding. Five or six fantastic progresses and I am good to go, nearly back where I was. I don't mind it at all. Now I am also currently looking for work irl and when I find a job chances are I won't be able to devout whole days to grinding and it might be nice to have the "option" to slow recover without grinding, to take the injury and let it heal slowly over time. So maybe the answer is something in between, to choose to return to your old body and grind your way back or choose the injury and slowly heal.


Re: Another Death idea thread.

Post by Laurel » 03 Jul 2011 13:56

Iliana wrote:Laurel - Isn't that Gorboth's line?
hence the ""

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Re: Another Death idea thread.

Post by Alorrana » 03 Jul 2011 14:32

Actually a very cool Idea..

but still remember its a game.. it takes about 2 months in rl to recover from the same injuries.. hehe.. I would be more happy with a month.. Its alot when playing alot, and not that much if your casual playing.. two months is topping it..(personal oppinion)

Perhaps if fighters rested more i game and not went out combatting right away the healing time would be cut by some days.. because he is taking it slowly to recover faster.. works good as rp. And hey perhaps it could lead to more roleplaying.

If he keeps on grinding the recovery time would be the full period, with the lowered skills and struggles a broken limb now does to you.

Further more. make the Bone doktor able to heal wounds to get a minimum recovery, but at the costs of say 5000-10000 platinum..? Then it would be a weeks struggle only.

Just some thoughts to toss in the bag :)

but good idea..
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Re: Another Death idea thread.

Post by Arcon » 03 Jul 2011 16:23

The whole idea is to create a "death" that don't get xp penalty but some other kind of harsh penalty. People that don't mind grinding recover very fast while people that don't like it might never recover. And the people that likes grinding and recover fast gain a lot of guild xp. It is insane how you can play the "system" and not the game to gain.
The 2 months I said is too long, how about 2 weeks? You get wounded and during 2 weeks you are crippled. As I said, the exact penalty should be different depending of the wound but balanced against each other.

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Re: Another Death idea thread.

Post by Amberlee » 03 Jul 2011 17:34

Aaand it would just cripple gameplay.
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Re: Another Death idea thread.

Post by Arcon » 03 Jul 2011 17:39

amberlee wrote:Aaand it would just cripple gameplay.
Please explain.

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Re: Another Death idea thread.

Post by Davvol » 04 Jul 2011 00:36

Laurel wrote:"Nah."

"Nah" in russian means something like "F. off" :mrgreen:

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Re: Another Death idea thread.

Post by Booger » 04 Jul 2011 02:32

The problem with people dying to gain lots of guildxp is, in my opinion, a bug, and should be treated as such. Not too hard to fix, by only counting "new" xp gained. Or preferably by counting the xp before brute is applied, as has been suggested in some other thread. So while this suggestion solves that problem, I'd rather see it solved properly.

Disregarding that part, it's an interesting idea, but I'd prefer earlier suggestions about just restoring the lost xp within some timeframe, so non-grinders get back after a set time, and if you grind you can get the xp back faster.
Not too happy about the idea of playing a crippled character for a month or two, with no way of speeding up healing time. And even if you can speed it up with doctors & money, I still don't like being crippled.

If you have several characters, any time-based recovery is easily handled by playing the other characters until your unfortunate one is recovered, but if I'm sticking to just one, and want to play it, I want to be able to work on the recovery and feel I can speed up the progress by my work, and not be stuck with a set period of penalty.

Sure, make me crippled for a day or so - I can live with that. You can add that to the standard xp-penalty, it'd be a nice addition. But not longer.
Time-based recovery, sure. But keep it on xp, please.

On a side-note, grinders will regain faster from an xp penalty, as you say. But grinders are also the ones who get the biggest penalty, due to having the most xp. Casual players regain xp faster, but they don't reach myth level. So the ones with a problem are former-grinder-turned-casual-player. Still, a timebased xp-recovery ought to be enough to solve that problem.

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