Future events.

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Future events.

Post by Alorrana » 07 Jul 2011 12:22

Hail people.

I wanted to start this tread because the events that has been on genesis so far has been fun enough but really noting for me to participate in, and im sure others feel the same, Its not a grief this note, but some suggestions to future events..

So. I have mentioned it before. Some fun action for everyone in the game. lets see what the mad cow can come up with. :P

Okay, A random vampire.
When you log in you wouldnt be playing your own character, but a wizard made creation. You would have the full set of skills for a vampire in say champion size. And you would then have to manage to survive for the amount of time you are logged in.
All the players participating in the event would then have to hunt you down and kill you. and when you got killed, game over, and the one with kill wins the event. and a title perhaps. "Vampire slayer" or what ever.

If people didnt want to play the character, or participate they could simply quit and reconect, it takes about 10 seconds. (no real game time lost) And the vampire role would then move on to another player at random.

The vampire could move freely in and out of towns and use discuises as towns folks and what not. and the hunting people would have a cross or something that would hum, when it would be near the vampire.. :) The vamp couldnt kill normal players not participating in the hunt, and if it would get a kill, there would be no xp loss, just gear and humiliation. :)

The hunt group would then have a temporary title "vampire hunter" or what ever wizards could come up with. :) be armed with a cross, torch, pike and hammer. and when the vamp "Dies" they would have to hammer the pike through its heart, to kill it permantly and win the event. Or something.. ? :)

Okay, next.. FRODO of the day.
Would work as the random vampire day, only you would find your self in frodos body and would have to make your way to the Darklords city and drop the ring in the Lava or what ever could be done, You would have low combat skills, and hig sneak and hide, size of a champion.

Then the "east pack" would have to ride out searching for the ring and getting it in their safe keeping. And the "west pack" would have to find the hobbit and get him escorted back to a safe place, for x amount of time. to win the event. the place would ofc have to be able to be raided so people cant just go there in a minnute and wait it out..

Players participating in this event wouldnt be able to attack players not participating. Only those participating in the events could kill eachothers, that means out siders wouldnt be able to kill or attack them. just to make it fair. :) You wouldnt suffer loss of xp when dying only gear and a slap on the pride. :)

the winners would. If on the East side there is victory and the hobbit is slayn, get a few more tools to play with for the remainder of the event time, and if the west claims victory they would also get some trinkets to play with for remainder of event time.

Okay next. Racial day !
One day where we take a random race and all of genesis declares hunt on it.. say it was hobbit day event, then all players in hobbit bodies would be targets, they would be able to be killed, but suffer no loss of xp or gear in any kind, otherwise it wouldnt be as fun.

Then the player with most hobbit kills would be the winner of the event and perhaps be called for the remainder of the arma "Hobbit bane" or something ;)

Same with humans, dwarves and what ever els races we have. could be fun. Alignment or nothing would matter, Its just about scoring most player kills. :) as an event, so we get some fun and action around the game.. and for what reason you might ask.. I say for the fun of it.. take a break from all the seriousness going on in the game and go nutts on events. could be a blast.

The starting points after "x race dies" would then be revereted back to the guild so they get a chance to get out, or different inns around genesis. That way you cant just spam kill some one and win.. :)

Ofc the wizards would have to send out a letter asking players if they wanted to participate so we dont get any whiners in the fun. :)

Just some ideas.. Proberly get the famous Nah.. because its more fun gathering cookies or flowers, or gems or what ever *poke* hehe.

C ya.
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Re: Future events.

Post by Iliana » 07 Jul 2011 13:32

I love the vampire for a day and Frodo for a day ideas, those are awesome. I would add that if you are VFAD or FFAD you dont have a start room, you cannot hide in your normal guild, etc. The idea being you dont get to just idle away the day.

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Re: Future events.

Post by Booger » 07 Jul 2011 14:00

Great ideas!

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Re: Future events.

Post by Celephias » 08 Jul 2011 01:05

There was a rumor of a 'One Ring' quest way back in the day (The Frodo idea at some level). I was never a wiz, so I can't substantiate my wild claim, but I do recall some discussion about it.

The kinds of things are great ideas that frame gameplay in some ways. I think that is what some people like about PvP - you have a mission ore goal of sorts. Its also what I like, admittedly as an outsider, about the Krynn war system (though those that actually participate in it may have a different, more enlightened view).

I think things that give a collection of players a higher mission (than just grabbing exp or gear) are great ideas.

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Re: Future events.

Post by Zar » 12 Jul 2011 09:02

Yeah, PvP events without penalties is GREAT!

Question: if hunted race kills someone who attacked him will he suffer penalty?

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Re: Future events.

Post by Alorrana » 12 Jul 2011 10:33

No because he also would be part of the event.. On race days, its all about getting most kills. and no xp loss in death.. for both sides..

Or something smart. :)
I’m not a complete idiot. Some pieces are missing.

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