And he's wearing... what, TWO shields??

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And he's wearing... what, TWO shields??

Post by Recoba » 29 Sep 2011 21:44

Please please remove the ability to wear two shields at once.

NO ONE wears two shields ANYWHERE except in Genesis.

  • It looks totally stupid.
  • Shields in Genesis were presumably not originally designed with the idea of people wearing two of them at once.
  • It's about as realistic as being able to wear two helmets in order to receive double head protection.
  • It's got no mitigating "fun factor" argument whatsoever in favor.
True story 1: I stand on the Sparkle docks and along comes a Morgul Mage walking around wearing two huge shields. RP-wise for me it's on the same level as the mage wearing a bright jester's hat and bunny slippers just because they're magical and have good armour class. It hurts my eyes.

True story 2:
Dragon order monk, fighting, making awesome acrobatic moves, wearing.... a grand tower shield on each arm... How is that possible? Might as well let the Knights horses do roundhouse kicks for combat specials too. Please, it just ruins the atmosphere so much.

This is what I'd like to see:

Code: Select all

> wear shield
You are already wearing a shield!
It's a very easy thing to do and can't possibly be problematic balance-wise. And if it somehow were, just give any affected guilds a slight defence bonus somewhere else.

So, is there a possibility to see this fixed?

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Re: And he's wearing... what, TWO shields??

Post by Alorrana » 29 Sep 2011 22:01

Ouch.. think you opened a can of Flame here.. ;)

But I agree, its a bit silly, But also.. its fantasy.. so.. why not.. :) its just a game.
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Re: And he's wearing... what, TWO shields??

Post by gorboth » 29 Sep 2011 22:37

I'm open to it, and tend to agree with Recoba. Let's here some arguments for and against?

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Re: And he's wearing... what, TWO shields??

Post by Makfly » 29 Sep 2011 23:29

gorboth wrote:I'm open to it, and tend to agree with Recoba. Let's here some arguments for and against?

If the main/only arguement against wearing 2 shields, is that it looks stupid and is unrealistic, then there are tons of things could be reconsidered.
Striving for realism in a fantasy game is often a bit silly - "Dragons and orcs are okay, but a guy wearing a shield on each arm? UNPOSSIBLE!"

I presume people are mainly wearing 2 shields, because they want to off-set the benefits of a weapon, with more protection.
So if 2 shields are stupid, then perhaps code a global ability like a "defensive stance", that could grant you increased avoidance but prevent you from attacking?
That way people can still forfeit attacking with a weapon for an increased protection.

Anyways, it's not something I feel strongly about in any way - I just can't recall anyone complaining about it before, and it seems to me that there are more pressing issues, than this.
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Re: And he's wearing... what, TWO shields??

Post by Greneth » 30 Sep 2011 00:00

Give monks the ability "dragons skin" and don't allow them to wear armour, DT is based off of ranking within the guild ;-)

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Re: And he's wearing... what, TWO shields??

Post by Amberlee » 30 Sep 2011 02:24

I kinda agree.. remove the possibility to wear two shields.
Here are some actual game differences it makes.
Wearing two shields is a HUGE benefit when in a team.
You get LOADS more armour on all locations except head.
Someone wearing two shields is invoulnerable, or close to atleast.

Remove the dual shield ability does however nerf the DO alot.
My suggestion here is similar to what Greneth suggests.
The Dragonskin ability.
Make them able to sacrifice armours to boost their AC(Not based on guild rank)
And since they can still not compensate for the loss of the ability to wear armour, instead give them an evade ability like the SS has.
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Re: And he's wearing... what, TWO shields??

Post by Greywolf » 30 Sep 2011 08:21

I hate wearing or seeing people wearing two shields as well. Some thing are just harder to ignore I guess. It would be a big nerf for the DO though. Special bracers crafted from shields with the same attributes as the shields that the DO can wear on each arm (so in effect still wearing two shield) and then limit everyone else to one would be my preference.

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Re: And he's wearing... what, TWO shields??

Post by Kas » 30 Sep 2011 09:11

Im with Recoba.

Looks stupid imho. Make it so you cant wear 2 shields, or that you get only the benefit from one.

Else, give me the option to wear five shields, as this is a game and not quite ment to be realistic, right? *grins*
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Re: And he's wearing... what, TWO shields??

Post by Iliana » 30 Sep 2011 10:00

Given the fact that characters can use two weapons, or use one weapon and a shield, I really don't understand the objection to two shields. You have two arms, two hands, so it actually makes perfect sense. If someone is willing to forego the damage from a weapon in place of shields, let them. It just means it takes them way longer to kill anything. And Kas, if your character in Gen has five arms... five shields it is!

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Re: And he's wearing... what, TWO shields??

Post by Avatar » 30 Sep 2011 10:02


I agree with you completely. I'd have no problem with the game being changed so one can wear only 1 shield at a time.
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