Ranking Page suggestions +meditation

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Ranking Page suggestions +meditation

Post by Uther » 24 Oct 2011 20:38

Greetings all.

The suggestions has allready been up in another topic, but let's bring them up again.

* One rank for each stat,
* One for physicals, (we have that now)
* One for mentals, (we have that now)

and then add one for

* Average stat

as well. So we can see who is biggest in average.

Can we also get like GODLIKE stat after supreme ?

What do you others think ?
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Re: Ranking Page suggestions +meditation

Post by Alorrana » 24 Oct 2011 20:41

Ranks for every one !!

In other words.. I dont ever use the rankings.. but all good for those who do..

good suggestion..

Still think the biggest killing machine needs to be the one with most kills pr week. hehe.
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Re: Ranking Page suggestions +meditation

Post by Zar » 25 Oct 2011 17:01

I am for it.
Godlike is great.
and also ranking suggestions are cool.

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Re: Ranking Page suggestions +meditation

Post by Wolverine » 27 Oct 2011 19:30

A working ranking page is way more important than a non-working improved one

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Re: Ranking Page suggestions +meditation

Post by Recoba » 27 Oct 2011 20:16

wolverine wrote:A working ranking page is way more important than a non-working improved one
Yeah, what's the holdup btw?

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Re: Ranking Page suggestions +meditation

Post by Seren » 13 Dec 2011 17:18

Ranking page didnt work for several weeks now - any chance it is coming back?

Any chance Uther's suggestions are being considered? (I personally like them)


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Re: Ranking Page suggestions +meditation

Post by Amberlee » 13 Dec 2011 19:05

I dont really care much for the "godlike" stat suggestion.
Supreme is enough.

As for the rankings though, im all for it.
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Re: Ranking Page suggestions +meditation

Post by Cherek » 13 Dec 2011 20:19

Uther: As with any suggestions I think the greatest effect is if write down a letter detailing your ideas and why you think its a good idea. The 'idea' command does work and wizards do read them. I dont think all wizards read all forum threads. Maybe they do, I dont know, but they 'idea' command makes sure they ideas are read, and they are also easily stored within the game instead of here where its hard to find them after awhile.

Regarding why the rankings dont work on the webpage I dont know, but Tapakah is arch of web so a mail to him is probably the best way to get his attention on the matter.

My personal view is that adding more mortal titles and more stats would be a bad idea, but I am one of those who think we should lower the maximum mortal title, and have an even steeper curve when it comes to stat-growth. But I never had any myth chars either, and I never really enjoyed grinding, so its obviously also important to make the big players happy.

I'd like to ask you big myth something though. How would you feel if the maximum mortal title was todays champion? But instead "godlike" or even more stats are added. That way the maximum mortal title could still be reached fairly "easily", which would most likely mean that many would be satisfied at champion (just like in the old days), but for those who like to grind there are endless stats to go for. The positive would be that those who like to grow have more to aim for, but those who enjoy other things dont feel they have to grind since they would appear to be of the same size as the rest once they reach champ. A character's true size would once again be somewhat of a mystery, hopefully allowing players to dare some more pvp too.

I'd like that I think. But do you myths say?

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Re: Ranking Page suggestions +meditation

Post by Celephias » 22 Dec 2011 23:16

I'd be fine with the maximum title being champion like before. That the world doesn't know how big I am or not after a point is ok with me.

I do like the idea though that someone can know a bit more about themselves, so having things go to 'supreme' I find interesting.

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