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Post by Alorrana » 01 Dec 2011 17:14

Cant live with em, cant grow with out em ;)

But here is a thought.

I like the wensday quests and made a little notice, the playerbase is proberly at its max on wensdays due to the little quests (not considering these skyrim days when all days are low) But why not make Kalakhor have a Tuesday Kiosk, Palanthas a monday Kiosk, Tyr a thursday kiosk and so on through out the week. so people could continuely do small tasks like the one in sparkle. (it seems to be fun for most of the participants.
+ It could inspire old quest haters like myself to go do some more small questing.

People could have a chance eventually to reach the quest cap with out pissing blood and cursing the game to hell and back again due to some wirdo syntax.

And the tasks could be changed so it wouldnt be a total ripoff of the sparkle kiosk.. for example.

Tyr is a poor area, where only templars and rich people have a saying, others are slaves or less. it could be a guy with a small wagon in tyr Center who gives out tasks to find precious metals from distant lands.. like Mithril armours, or any other magicial armour. and then your reward would be as in sparkle. or a bit more, or a bit less considering the dangerfactors in getting the item.

Palanthas is a rich town, pride and flags all around, there could be a rich merchant in the town square who seeks matrials for hes flag making.. and would send you out to get sertan soft armours like robes and cloaks he could use..

and so on.. In gondor the items needed could be part of gondors history and domain.. the armoury needs more swords.. then go bang orcs and deliver swords to the armoury master and so on.. In mordor a foul merchant orc could want 20 hobbit noses and so on..

Would give people something to so on an every day basis.. small day quests every day. (and I know yeah, you can just go do the quests that are already there, but thats simply not an option for me, sinch i hate to quest. hehe. and i know others do aswell.. but these easy tasks " I need, You get " is more fun.

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Re: quests.

Post by Amberlee » 01 Dec 2011 17:20

I like this.. Being a quest hater myself.
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Re: quests.

Post by Syrk » 01 Dec 2011 19:59

Alorrana wrote:I like the wensday quests [...]
The Prancing Pony in Bree could give a party every other day and the owner would need some ingredients for the large number of dishes they prepare, like meat or other body parts of specific animal, herbs, some garnish, etc.

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Re: quests.

Post by Uther » 01 Dec 2011 22:11

Ulath suggested this in some way as well .. ... =26&t=1818
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Re: quests.

Post by Zar » 02 Dec 2011 07:19

it can bring more activities to such dead domains as Khalakhor

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Re: quests.

Post by Makfly » 02 Dec 2011 08:20

Being one of the 'questhaters' myself, I'll support anything to downplay the necessity of having to do the normal quests.

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