A city for Mithas

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A city for Mithas would be soooo cool!

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Re: A city for Mithas

Post by Arcon » 21 Aug 2012 22:50

I have sent an idea to bendis about a type of quest that don't give qxp but rather the possibility of a great item and that you can repeat once every log in and will need a team to solve, maybe the first time should give some qxp and then some general xp since it should be a lot of work. And it should have some random parts in it so it is not just running through it. A interesting option to just killing a boss for eq.


Re: A city for Mithas

Post by Laurel » 21 Aug 2012 22:53

There was such a quest until Navare decided to blow it up. It's still there but the reward turned into a joke.

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Re: A city for Mithas

Post by Bromen » 23 Aug 2012 06:29

I go to sybarus almost every day. I'd also say I go to Palanthas, but then my enemies would wait to kill me, end up dying, and then complain about the BDA. So yeah, I don't go there.

Best area in the game that is city like, imho, is Gelan.


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Re: A city for Mithas

Post by Recoba » 16 Nov 2012 23:55

There are lots of port cities in Genesis, but in my opinion none of them have that really strong maritime feel to them.

So use the fact that Nethosak is a port city and that the Minotaurs are a seafaring race. Bring the sea, sea trade and naval warfare into the theme, heavily.

Some things to think about:
* Quests, NPC:s and items that reflect the maritime environment.
* Connect it with the seafaring guilds to offer them more fun and diversity.
* Give the Minotaur Guild some special cool reasons to go there. Armour customization perhaps?
* Customization options (paint, sails, banners, abilities) for ships.
* Exotic trade goods, flavor items.
* Violent Minotaur politics and intrigues that are constantly visible and affect every visitor.

Think of how Minas Morgul just smells of dark sorcery and terror everywhere, and make Nethosak smell of salt, industry and danger.

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