Mithas - Nethosak - Entry Quest

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Mithas - Nethosak - Entry Quest

Post by Bendis » 23 Sep 2012 23:10

I would like to discuss with you some ideas about Nethosak - the city for Mithas. Your thoughts and suggestions would be very appreciated.

1. Only the minotaurs could enter/exit the city at will
2. Here are some ideas ideas on how to enter the city otherwise:
1. A goodie quest, retrieve ring, throw in the boulder of fate, get shimmering stone; the stone would allow to temporarily change the description and fool the guards
2. A evil quest, retrieve ring, spread special potion, wear circlet, enter city, give ring to crone, get money and exp
3. Entry for anyone who doesn't have a shimmering stone: spread special potion, wear circlet

Questions to poder:
1. How would this quest work for minotaurs? probably give ring to crone, get money and exp but unchanged alignment
2. Any other suggestions for an entry quest are welcome :)
3. What would you think about the ability to rent houses in Nethosak? (probably with a limited ability of "hoarding" :) and some customization abilities, e.g. add furniture, paint walls etc...)
4. The Arena - I am not much of an arena fighter, so any suggestions would be very welcome.

Thank you,

PS Here is a short story about the entrance quests in Nethosak :)
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Re: Mithas - Nethosak - Entry Quest

Post by Kas » 24 Sep 2012 17:09

May I suggest an autonomous arena that triggers various arena events at set times per week? The old Cirath-arena is sort of outdated and a new "modern" one would be welcome.

By participating in the arena, either player vs player, or player vs event ( random bosses, random loot), the player builds up "arena-cred". More participations means more points, which equals more unlocks in, perhaps titles, gear you can buy etc that qualify as carrots, means/rewards for people to actually bother doing the events.

Look at the modern mmo's and their battlegrounds, and I'm sure you get the idea. :)

Give the players REASONS to participate in the events, and they will definitely show up, so no carrots, no success.
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Re: Mithas - Nethosak - Entry Quest

Post by Rincon » 24 Sep 2012 20:43

Arena challenge could be quite fun :)

Somehow I see Palanthas as a more fitting place for renting houses.

Personally I know nothing about minotaur lore in Krynn. Perhaps it would be a good idea to browse through some Dragonlance books for inspiration?

The entrance quest sounds great! :)

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Re: Mithas - Nethosak - Entry Quest

Post by gorboth » 25 Sep 2012 03:37

I really love the idea of some form of battleground area for players. If there is some Minotaur area that creates a nice roleplay backdrop, so much the better. Go Bendis, go! :-)

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