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Re: Death Of A Thread: PK'd By Drifters

Post by gorboth » 15 Nov 2012 04:46

strider wrote:I don't know that the entire game actually has to be be solved in order to address death...

Perhaps the main thing that keeps killing this topic, is that death is actually fluff and it covers a very large swath.

We're talking about a totally different type of dynamics when we're talking about scoring character vs. character contests, than when we're discussing behavior modification and intra-player conflict resolution; both of which are totally different from the importance of balancing risk vs. reward in normal environmental activity. In our cosmology, these all should include the possibility of dying and that should have consequences, but as they are wildly differing game concepts, I think it's silly to shoehorn them all into the same dynamics.
I'm listening. Do you have a suggestion to supplement this assertion?

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Two Hurculean Tasks, Among Many

Post by Strider » 15 Nov 2012 05:23

Perhaps I'd start with reworking the whole risk vs. reward model of combat. I think that grinding should be mostly pointless, due to the small gains and perhaps massive criticals further limiting their utility; growth should be accomplish through what Tarax termed "encounters" in that thread (and quests).

On the other hand, I might look at the guild- and character-power imbalance issues, and add tracking for health reduction, so that I could remove experience loss from normal PvP, and add a "grudge" system for those times when character consequences are the point of combat.

Then I'd probably spend the rest of that afternoon finishing guild balance and starting my program of gradual stat curve bending.
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